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Winter Trout Fishing
December is full of time to reflect back on this past year, enjoy family and friends, and trout fishing. Yes, trout fishing! Thanks to WDFW late fall planting of thousands of trout the fishing is really good throughout the winter. Most of the lakes that received the late plants also received fish this past spring which have grown all summer and provide an opportunity at some nice sized rainbows. The lakes are mostly in major metropolitan areas in Western Washington but the ones located in Easte...
Category: Trout  Date: 12/6/2016  Author: Jason Brooks
Fall into Fishing
For the second year the WDFW is putting on their “Fall Into Fishing” program. If you are unfamiliar with this program it involves a fall round of planting trout in lakes around the state to fuel fall trout fishing. The number of fish planted is considerably less than the spring plants, but the average size is significantly larger. New Fish, Ready To Be CaughtBefore you rush out the door, take the time to get prepared. You first stop should be the Category: Trout  Date: 11/4/2016  Author: Nathan Nesbit of
Fall Fishing For Trout
As I write this I hear the first of the fall rains hitting the roof. Normally this would cause me to make sure my coho river fishing gear is all in order and ready to go. This year, unfortunately, many of my normal fall salmon fishing locations are closed in order to protect the low forecasted return of coho.My plan instead is to get back to trout fishing. Before I got into salmon fishing, I’d fish for trout year round. Fall can be an excellent time for trout – the combination of coolin...
Category: Trout  Date: 9/4/2016  Author: Nathan Nesbit of
Essentials of Fly Fishing
Great fishing holes and hot spots can be easy to find when you live in the trout rich Pacific Northwest. However, just finding a good location on the river is only the start. Once you find yourself standing at the water’s edge, what’s next? Take a moment to read the water.Locating the fish can be pretty easy if you know where to look. Fish are creatures of habit and the one thing that never changes in their daily routine is the search for food. The food may change from day to day or ev...
Category: Trout  Date: 7/26/2016  Author: Gerry Frederick for Anglers Club Magazine
Getting Started Fly Fishing
Now that fly-fishing has become fairly mainstream it is enjoying a rather large influx of beginners each season. These newcomers are getting younger and the percentage of ladies increases every year. It is believed by some in the fly fishing world that ladies compile the largest group of newcomers to the sport.I guess it’s not just your father’s sport anymore. I started fly fishing in the early 70’s because it seemed to me that the fly fisherman were catching more fish than I was and they p...
Category: Trout  Date: 6/30/2016  Author: Gerry Frederick for Anglers Club Magazine
The Best Trout Fishing Lures
If you walk into a tackle shop you will be bombarded with what looks like a billion different lures in many different colors. How do you know which ones will catch fish, not just fishermen?This article covers the best 10 lures I've used when fishing for trout. These lures can be used from boat or shore, and will catch fish year round.Of course even the best lures aren't going to product fish if you are fishing the wrong places. The Understanding Stillwater Trout guide on gonefishingn...
Category: Trout  Date: 6/26/2016  Author: Nathan Nesbit of
Spring Trout Tips
When I hear the opening lines of the song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” I don’t think of Christmas. Instead I think of late spring fishing small lakes for trout.Here in Washington state spring means Opening Day of trout season. Even though there are plenty of places you can fish year round in the state for trout, this is a special time when waters that have been closed all winter open to fishing, prepped by the WDFW with freshly planted trout to augment existing populations. ...
Category: Trout  Date: 5/2/2016  Author: Nathan Nesbit of
Beaver Lake Trout
2015 Beaver Lake Fall Fishing ReportEach fall the King County lake, Beaver Lake, located in the town of Sammamish, Washington, gets a stocked with some jumbo broodstock rainbow trout. This can be a fun fishery, especially with light gear, as the coho season winds down.Some people call these fish triploids, because they are big. However they aren't triploids, they are broodstock. Without going into all the details, triploids are fish were created sterile at the hatchery. Because they...
Category: Trout  Date: 2/1/2016  Author: Nathan Nesbit of
All About Trout Spinners
My Grandkids were getting bored. The trout refused to bite bait, and watching the lines was tiresome. So, I switched the bait out with spinners, and let the kids cast and reel. Not only were they no longer bored, but they began to catch trout, too.These four trout spinners need to be in your vest. #1: Panther Martin Original, #2: Worden’s Rooster Tail, #3: Blue Fox Vibrax, #4: Mepps AgliaThe smiles on their faces said it all: catching trout with a spinner is fun! And, it’s as easy as ...
Category: Trout  Date: 12/27/2015  Author: Terry Otto for Anglers Club Magazine
Caddis Fly: Don’t Leave Home Without it
I was asked the other day which fly I would never leave home without. I quickly answered, “a caddis of course”. I think that would be the answer that most fly fishers would give. The caddis fly is thought of around the world as the fly fisher’s best friend.More than 1,200 caddis species inhabit the rivers and lakes of North America. Caddis hatches are often the first to appear in April and occur right through October. Now don’t ask me to identify all 1,200.It’s really not necessary. Good t...
Category: Trout  Date: 8/27/2015  Author: Gerry Frederick for Anglers Club Magazine
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