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January 2005

This may be the slowest time of year for most outdoors lovers. Fortunately, the annual sports shows make their arrival to get our blood going for the upcoming season. You can book a trip to a lodge, check out some bargains from your favorite sporting goods retailers, or learn a little bit in a seminar. There are casting demonstrations by the pros, RV’s for sale, and some awfully nice fishing boa...[more]

This week I’ll be covering drift fishing from the bank. But first let’s have a quick review on covering the run. I always start working the run from tail-out and slowly work my way to the beginning or the run, no matter what angling method I use (except for plunking and we will cover that next week). There are several different methods used for drift fishing from the bank and we will cover a f...[more]

The anatomy of a bass must be understood to better fish them... "The successful fisherman is the one who familiarizes himself with the ways of fish. He who studies out and observes the peculiar traits, habits and haunts of the fish he sets out to catch. Who acquaints himself with facts as to their sense of sight, smell and hearing, their mode of existence, foods likes, seasonal movements, etc....[more]

There are so many different ways to fish for steelhead its really hard to say just which method is best. I will say that about 80% of steelhead taken are with bait whether it be eggs, sand shrimp, and even worms. Tactics vary from angler to angler - you have your plunkers, drift fishing from the bank, and spoons, spinners, everyone has their own argument for which is the most effective. ...[more] There is an abundance of choice in Eastern Washington when the prospect of ice fishing is considered. There are lakes near and far. Some offer trout, others spiny ray and still others that offer burbot (freshwater ling), but they all offer the same thing: angling during a season that often offers limited options to the ardent angler. You know the type. They just gotta go...[more]

Few states offer the variety and quality of fishing that Washington does. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) lists state record catches for more than 30 species, enough to keep any rod-and-reeler happy. Here are some of the species anglers can pursue in Washington State. Rainbow Trout Rainbow trout are Washington's most popular game fish. Native to the western United States...[more]

December 2004

The Basics of Steelhead Fishing I am going to dedicate my next few columns to steelhead angling, as there are so many different methods and tactics to cover. I will give you a crash course on the basics... here we go. There is no replacement for time spent on the water no matter how much you read about it. The steelhead is probably the most difficult to catch and the most sough...[more]

When the weather turns chilly and lakes get a thick cap of ice, the action heats up on several popular lakes in Eastern Washington. Here are some pointers on fishing some of the better prospects this winter. When temperatures drop and the snow piles up throughout the eastern region of Washington State, many anglers stuff their tackle in the back corner and start dreaming of sprin...[more]

It comes at this time every year. It’s the season for perch fishing, and my brother Rick just can’t help himself. He starts making calls to see if there’s ice safe enough to allow fishing for perch at Banks Lake or Fish Lake, anywhere that he knows that these mini-walleye gather for spawning. His friends shake their heads. This is the guy who is legendary for salmon and lake trout fishing on ...[more]

Even now, there are bass to be caught on the Columbia River. The Celilo Pool, situated on the border of Oregon and Washington, is a great but little known smallmouth bass destination. This part of the Columbia River between The Dalles and John Day Dams offers fishing year round, and presents great opportunities for bass from early spring all the way through fall. In September I had the oppo...[more]

November 2004

I have been fishing the north end of the lake off and on since about 1955 or there about and in that time I have learned a few things about perch. I am happy to share them here. First is that there are some very big schools of perch to be found in the lake. But if you are after the bigger perch you will not fish in the schools. Perch school for protection, as they are food for lots o...[more]

This week is part two of my interview of one of the top guides in the Northwest. UW: How do you feel the re-introduction of Cutthroats will change the fishing opportunities there? AJ: I am prepared to move to surface presentations and lighten my tackle if they become a dominate fish. With a giant predator like the Mackinaw already present, a pressured food base at the plankton an...[more]