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Audio Files
Welcome to our audio file section. A collection of audio files devoted exclusively to Washington's lakes! We are continually adding new files so check back often. If you have something that you would like to add to this section, please contact WashingtonLakes.com and if we can use it we will.

John Kruse is the host of Northwestern Outdoors Radio, an hour long radio show broadcast 14 times every weekend on 12 different stations throughout Washington as well as Northern Oregon and Western Idaho. We deliver a fast paced hour full of outdoors related news, tips, information, field reports, upcoming events and destination ideas for your next adventure.

TitleAuthorPlayLengthRelease Date
Northwest Outdoors John Kruse January 06, 2014
Northwest Outdoors John Kruse 00:02:46 December 29, 2013
Northwest Outdoors John Kruse 00:08:31 December 19, 2013