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Family outdoor adventures
  We live in the outdoor playground of north central Washington.  This has to be one the best places to have a family if you are going to take advantage of all the outdoor opportunities that this region has to offer.  It is hard to believe that people can live in this region their whole life and never get into what this region has to offer.  People of north central Washington work hard, and play hard.  If I'm not at work or at home, we are either in the woods or on the water.  
  Fishing has been a incredible way for my family to pull together and find some common ground.  We have 2 happy healthy boys ages 7, and 11 (Oct. 2016) that have become avid outdoors men.   We spend time doing other outdoors activities like camping, rock hounding, picking huckleberries, and morel mushrooms.  Our boys understand that nature can provide things that are not typically available  to purchase in the department stores, and that natures bounty can better than any thing you can buy in the store.
  These family outdoor adventures give our family valuable skills, which is a huge reason we always go on these adventures as a family.  Solo trips are not a option in our house.  We are happy that our boys are gaining the skill sets necessary to target specific species.  Including various presentations, techniques, locations, and when to target specific species.
  This summer has been incredible.  We have encountered a  tremendous amount of wild life diversity this summer.  We got to fish for Kokanee with a black bear hanging out within throwing distance of our boat on Conconully lake.  We had the once in a lifetime opportunity to see a large mountain lion that jumped out in the road up Twisp river!  Our boys have seen deer, pelicans, eagles, osprey, snakes, bull frogs, Mormon  crickets, coyotes, raccoons, hawks, and many more critters.  It is the opportunity to see such diverse wildlife that will create these incredible memories that will stick with them for life.  
  We go on these outdoor adventures as a family to build life long bonds, give our boys the skill sets necessary to be safe in the wild, and share their knowledge with their family when the time comes.  Fishing teaches patients, staying power, problem solving, knot tying, aquatic species knowledge, importance of conservation, confidence, how to prepare and clean fish, and how to stay in the moment.  Another great aspect of taking our boys fishing is it teaches them that no matter how good you are at doing something you will not always succeed at the task you set out to do, and that is okay.
  The bond that fishing has created between my wife, our kids and myself has grown tremendously through the summer.  We have had some incredible moments.  For example, we had a moment where I had just lost a dandy Kokanee and was busy getting that pole ready to go again, and all heck breaks loose and the down rigger pole goes off!  Our boys spring to action.  Our 7 year old frees the pole from the holder and down rigger, sets the hook and with some expert net work from his big brother lands the largest Kokanee of the year for the old Bent Hook Pontoon.  What a moment to watch... speechless!  Another favorite moment was watching our 11 year old land his first walleye ever.  We had the bottom bouncers going with slow death rig heading down stream near the mouth of the Okanogan river and WAMO!  Tyler was all over it. A hefty hook set on the Ugly Stick and the fight was on with a absolute dandy 18" walleye.  What a great first walleye, so proud of him. 
  It wasn't all buttercups, and limits this year.  We still had our ruff patches and they make the good moments even better.  We decided to step up our game this year and purchased a 24 foot pontoon boat that we have named Bent Hook Pontoon.  Our first fishing trip of the year was to Palmer lake and it did not go so well.  We had the boat out the week before on lake Pateros just to test it out for about a 30 minute run.  Well I learned a valued lesson that day to remember to turn off the fish finder.  Our first fishing trip never happend due to a dead battery.  So we ordered a jump pack that we still have not needed to use but now we have it just in case.  We made our first trip to Banks lake on fathers day and got skunked.  That is okay.  You can not expect to catch them every time.  However that was not what made this trip a ruff one.  At the boat launch I went to hop from the boat on to the tailgate and slipped.  I went face first over the side rail of the truck and KAPOWIE!!!  You just knocked your self out at the boat launch in front of a bunch of people!  That was the beginning of the curse.  Next three fishing trip produced nada, zilch, nothing.  Oh the curse of Steamboat, and how it plagued us.  So you got bucked off.  Now what?  Lets take our vacation at Banks lake and break the curse.  So we did, and it was awesome.  We persevered and learned another valuable lesson that you will not always have a successful fishing trip but you need to keep at it and it will pay off.
  Now that it is fall, and our season is coming to a close.  We can look back at all the photos of our summer together and remember all the good times, and the lessons we have learned.  Not to mention having a freezer fully stocked with walleye filets, and smoked kokanee.  What a great year.
Thank you
Milo Marcille
Bent Hook Pontoon
Tight Lines!
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Posted: 10-07-2016, 05:54 PM
Swimbaiting Western Washington 2013.
Hello everyone!
         I hope everyone had a great year of fishing. I made a short compilation of some swimbait largie's I caught over the last year. Please excuse my language in the opening scene. I hooked up a possible double digit so my adrenalin was floored! Enjoy and happy holidays!

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Posted by: dresscode5
Posted: 11-19-2013, 03:00 PM
Who is that WDFW Person?
Hello Everyone!

So some of you may have been wondering, who is that person from WDFW participating on the forum? My name is Stacie Kelsey, and I grew up in Joseph Oregon - where some of the best hunting and fishing can be had. Some of my best memories are kokanee fishing in Wallowa Lake in a beat up old raft with my Grandpa. 

I started my Fisheries career in 1990 with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on the Northern Squawfish Predator Prey Project. My first job was fishing for squawfish off of McNary Dam. A lot of fun!!! After a month the Sport Reward Check Stations opened and I transferred to the Umatilla Boat Ramp station.

I was fortunate enough to get extended on through the project and transferred to the Cascade Locks Field Station. In 1992 I jumped ship and joined Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife who had taken over the Sport Reward Program.

I stayed there for another 3 years and then switched to the Inland Fish Program working for John Weinheimer, where I have been ever since. My duties have been varied throughout the past 15 years. If it regarded trout, warmwater fish or grass carp, I was in the middle of it. Whether I was rowing the boat in circles on Packwood Lake with Bob Lucas or getting lost in the woods on a bull trout snorkeling survey, I've had some great adventures.

One of the best was taking over the warmwater surveys and operating an 18 ft. Smith Root Electroshocking boat. Nothing beats being on a lake under a starry sky chasing after warmwater fish.  For 13 years I oversaw the Youth Program for kids. In 2011 I will be embarking on a new adventure of getting kids introduced to warmwater fishing. I've spoken to various user groups from warmwater/trout clubs to schools and scout groups.  I oversee our regional historical databases for fish stocking, fish plants, regulations and other data. In the office I'm know as Radar because I can anticipate what my Sup needs before he knows he needs it!

I became a part of Washington Lakes a long, long time ago - can't remember exactly since the forum was re-designed. I sat down with my Supervisor and we thought, hey, this is a great way to get information out to the public and to get feedback. Find out what the anglers are seeing in their waters. Get their opinions on the trends and places we need to concentrate on different types of fish, fish stocking or enhancement.

I get a lot of education from the folks here on the forum and greatly appreciate it. There is always something for me to learn about the waters in my Region. I look forward to being of further assistance and using these blogs to discuss upcoming projects and issues that affect anglers not only in my Region but outside it as well.

Me sampling bull trout in Merwin Reservoir holding a trout below the dam.


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Posted by: Stacie Kelsey
Posted: 08-22-2010, 07:39 PM
Who be fishing these days?
For me family and kids comes first. With the addition of another one last year, I have cut my fishing time in half. I found times this winter to hit up the Sound or a river and decided to hang with the fam instead. Adding to that, with the current economic situation, I haven't had as much money to throw at the sport either. I would say, that is probably one of the biggest factors for lack of fishermen out on the waters of this great state. When it comes to where your short dollar is going to go, hobby or food, all of us usually choose the latter. Just my thoughts on the subject.
I though for sure that with the light winter we had more reports would flood in. Maybe a little crazy weather blues, the economy, and lack of reports has got us all sheltered.
I'm planing trips for late winter and spring as I type. So I'll keep my end up and report when I get out if you guys will do the same. I know for me, modivation creates modivation. When I see a good report or catch around here it gets me itching to get out and I find myself fishing soon after.


i will probably post this in the freshwater forum, so feel free to comment there. i just know more people see posts then blogs. at least i think that.
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Posted by: fishnislife
Posted: 01-22-2010, 03:00 PM
2k10 Puyallup Sportsmen's Show Jan. 27-31
Last year was a blast with tons of booths for every outdoor enthusiast. You don't want to miss it this year. Deals upon deals with many new product releases. Come out for the show and mingle with some of the sports top hunters and anglers. If your interested in learning from the pros look into one of the many seminars being held all 5 days of the show. Here is the seminar schedule for each day -
I will be there on Saturday at the booth #357 to answer any questions about the site or fishing. Look forward to seeing you there.

Jeremiah aka fishnislife

The following Note and Coupon provided by Mike Carey:

We are pleased to announce that again this year we will have a booth at the sportsmans show in Puyallup. We've teamed up with O'Loughlin Trade Shows to be able to offer anglers that visit a $2 off coupon for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at the show.

I hope you'll print out and use these coupons - when you do it allows to have a booth at the show, so your use of these coupons really helps out!

IN ADDITION - Print out a second coupon and bring it to the booth. We'll have a special "thank you" when you give it to us.

Click here for the forum thread and coupon if it does not appear below -

Hope to see lots of you at the Show!


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Posted by: fishnislife
Posted: 01-14-2010, 10:53 AM
09' Extravaganza/Derby July 19th

Here are the times and game plan for the day.

Just a reminder, it is only a $10 entry by Paypal or mail. If Mike hasn't received your payment and forms by Saturday you will need to pay $15 the day of.

Dez and Myself will be at the boat launch for boaters, Mike and Gringo (Mark) will be at the State Park for all tubers, toons, canoes and shore anglers.


Extravaganza/Derby Schedule

6:00 Gates Open

6:20 Boaters Meeting

6:30 Blast-Off/Start Fishing
Late arrivals will have to check in at beach. Launch your boat and head over to the park beach if you show up later than 7:00.

1ish is when Mike will fire up the grill and start the BBQ

2:00 Weigh-In

2:30 Random Prize Drawings

3:00    2nd Place Awards
           1st Place Awards
           Random Drawing

*Casting Contest
will take place after all awards


All Anlgers - please review the rules and liability form before coming to the derby.


Roll Call (as of July 11)

1) Mike Carey
2) fishnislife
3) BigbassDez
4) RaMcVey
5) swedefish4life1
6) Steve F.
7) Jolie F.
8) BassinBomber
9) BF
10) Davidwat1
11) Fishing Machine
12) Gringo Pescador
13) Steven N
14) Joe P
15) sparky101
16) bassmasterderek
17) Trent Hale
18) Anthony B
19) Hayden C
20) Erik B
21) Bisk1tSnGraV
22) BassDodd
23) Dustin07 +1
24) EastsideRedneck +1 (bbq) – dessert
25) racfish – (bbq) – stuff pickled



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Posted by: fishnislife
Posted: 07-11-2009, 07:51 PM
Where ya been?

What up fellas? It has been some time since I have had a chance to actually sit down in front of a computer. I have been doing so much lately I have had no time to get on the water let alone plug into But I thought I would poke my head in and get this blog thing going on my page.

Well, I got laid off from a company I had been with for 3 years and fortunately within a week was hired on to what I feel is an even better company. Brock's Interiors in Poulsbo. It's good to know people in the business. On top of that I am still owed 3 weeks pay and reimbursements from my previous employer. So while all this has been taking place I have been remodeling a house for the past 2 months and just recently moved into it. I still have a ton of work that needs to be done and most of my extra time after work and on weekends has been going towards the house.

So needless to say I haven't hit the water in sometime and it's really starting to hurt. The itch has turned into a rash and if I don't get on the water soon I might go crazy.

I appreciate the pm's and emails wondering what's been going on and why I haven't been posting at all. We'll, in a nut shell that is about it. I can go on and on about having a 2 year old and a wife who is 7 months pregnant on top of all this but those two things I feel are what's keeping me sane.
The next matter of business is getting the 3rd Annual Extravaganza/Derby going. So be sure to look out for it and plan on being there May 23 @ Lake Sammamish. More details to come in the Announcement Section.

I hope to see you guys on the water soon.


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Posted by: fishnislife
Posted: 04-07-2009, 10:20 PM
Error 500! What do I do?
Other than report it to us there isn't much you can do. We did a LOT of testing before we went live with the new site, but we're still finding little bugs here and there. If you're browsing the site and it comes to a complete halt and throws an error screen, it probably means means I just made an update. For the most part, I'm making my updates now between 1am and 2am. If there's something really important that needs fixing I'll do it during the day, but that will be the exception.

Things I've fixed today:

The forum was acting strange and not showing people the new posts. New posts are supposed to show up as red star but that wasn't happening. This has been resolved.

The Lake and River Report listings were breaking when you clicked on one that didn't have any reports. This is fixed.

The "View Homepage" link for Premium members wasn't working for those that hadn't made a blog post or made a photo gallery. This should be working as expected now.

I added some functionality and a nice new look to the new Report Filtering. I hope everyone like it and finds it useful.

That's about all I can think of for now.
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Posted by: Aaron
Posted: 03-12-2009, 05:05 PM
Categories: Work
New Site Functionality
There's a lot of little things that have changed or have been updated with the site and finding them all could be tough. Here's a list of some of the more useful items that come to mind:

    • Video Comments - Located in the Features Section.You can now leave comments on the videos.
    • Comment Watcher - Located in the Community Section. While we've always had a Comment Watcher, I've improved on it. It now watches for comments made to Blogs, Fishing Reports or all types and from all states, Videos and News. I have a few more improvements to make on it that will show up soon.
    • Event Calendar - Located in the Community Section. A community based calendar for anything fishing related. If you want something added, drop us a line.
    • Blogs - Located in the Community Section. Use this section to keep track of everyone's blog entries.
    • Lake Gallery - Located in the Lakes Section. On the old site we had photos for hundreds of lakes that were viewable when you browsed to the reports for that lake. Now they're available in one large gallery of lake photos.
    • Lake Info - Located in the Lakes Section under the Lake Index link. This is something new. We've gathered a lot of information about every lake and located it in one place, separate from the fishing reports. You'll find a Google map of the lake location, a topographic/bathymetric map, any photos we have, and a 2 day weather forecast for that lake.
    • Fishing Guides - Located in the Services Section. We now have a select list of Fishing Guides sponsors available for various areas around the state. If you want to go fishing, and have a memorable experience, consider hooking up with one of our sponsors for a guided fishing trip.
    • Lake Resorts - Located in the Services Section. While we've always had lake resorts as sponsors, we've never had them listed in one place. If you want to get away for a weekend and want to do some fishing while you're out, give one of our lake resort sponsors a try.
    • Tackle Manufacturers - Located in the Services Section. New for 2009 is the Fishing Tackle section. We've given away quite a bit of tackle over the years, and these are the guys that provide it to us. They make quality gear, at affordable prices. If you're in the market for something new, consider visiting their websites and picking it up directly from them.
    • Online Store - Located in the Services Section. Last but not least is our very own online store. We've run completely out of the license plate frames, bumper stickers, and hats. We're working on getting more hats. I love hats. We do happen to have plenty of Grey and White T-Shirts available. They are HIGH quality THICK pre-shrunk cotton shirts with out logo on the front and back. As well, we've got some really nice window stickers for sale for just $1.00, and we'll ship them to your for free!
While I'm sure I'm missing some things, that's the bulk of it. Take some time and look around at all of the new stuff. Once the newness wears off and fishing opens I'm sure this place will be teaming with new information that will help us all become better fishermen.
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Posted by: Aaron
Posted: 03-05-2009, 01:24 PM
Categories: General, Work