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Family outdoor adventures
  We live in the outdoor playground of north central Washington.  This has to be one the best places to have a family if you are going to take advantage of all the outdoor opportunities that this region has to offer.  It is hard to believe that people can live in this region their whole life and never get into what this region has to offer.  People of north central Washington work hard, and play hard.  If I'm not at work or at home, we are either in the woods or on the water.  
  Fishing has been a incredible way for my family to pull together and find some common ground.  We have 2 happy healthy boys ages 7, and 11 (Oct. 2016) that have become avid outdoors men.   We spend time doing other outdoors activities like camping, rock hounding, picking huckleberries, and morel mushrooms.  Our boys understand that nature can provide things that are not typically available  to purchase in the department stores, and that natures bounty can better than any thing you can buy in the store.
  These family outdoor adventures give our family valuable skills, which is a huge reason we always go on these adventures as a family.  Solo trips are not a option in our house.  We are happy that our boys are gaining the skill sets necessary to target specific species.  Including various presentations, techniques, locations, and when to target specific species.
  This summer has been incredible.  We have encountered a  tremendous amount of wild life diversity this summer.  We got to fish for Kokanee with a black bear hanging out within throwing distance of our boat on Conconully lake.  We had the once in a lifetime opportunity to see a large mountain lion that jumped out in the road up Twisp river!  Our boys have seen deer, pelicans, eagles, osprey, snakes, bull frogs, Mormon  crickets, coyotes, raccoons, hawks, and many more critters.  It is the opportunity to see such diverse wildlife that will create these incredible memories that will stick with them for life.  
  We go on these outdoor adventures as a family to build life long bonds, give our boys the skill sets necessary to be safe in the wild, and share their knowledge with their family when the time comes.  Fishing teaches patients, staying power, problem solving, knot tying, aquatic species knowledge, importance of conservation, confidence, how to prepare and clean fish, and how to stay in the moment.  Another great aspect of taking our boys fishing is it teaches them that no matter how good you are at doing something you will not always succeed at the task you set out to do, and that is okay.
  The bond that fishing has created between my wife, our kids and myself has grown tremendously through the summer.  We have had some incredible moments.  For example, we had a moment where I had just lost a dandy Kokanee and was busy getting that pole ready to go again, and all heck breaks loose and the down rigger pole goes off!  Our boys spring to action.  Our 7 year old frees the pole from the holder and down rigger, sets the hook and with some expert net work from his big brother lands the largest Kokanee of the year for the old Bent Hook Pontoon.  What a moment to watch... speechless!  Another favorite moment was watching our 11 year old land his first walleye ever.  We had the bottom bouncers going with slow death rig heading down stream near the mouth of the Okanogan river and WAMO!  Tyler was all over it. A hefty hook set on the Ugly Stick and the fight was on with a absolute dandy 18" walleye.  What a great first walleye, so proud of him. 
  It wasn't all buttercups, and limits this year.  We still had our ruff patches and they make the good moments even better.  We decided to step up our game this year and purchased a 24 foot pontoon boat that we have named Bent Hook Pontoon.  Our first fishing trip of the year was to Palmer lake and it did not go so well.  We had the boat out the week before on lake Pateros just to test it out for about a 30 minute run.  Well I learned a valued lesson that day to remember to turn off the fish finder.  Our first fishing trip never happend due to a dead battery.  So we ordered a jump pack that we still have not needed to use but now we have it just in case.  We made our first trip to Banks lake on fathers day and got skunked.  That is okay.  You can not expect to catch them every time.  However that was not what made this trip a ruff one.  At the boat launch I went to hop from the boat on to the tailgate and slipped.  I went face first over the side rail of the truck and KAPOWIE!!!  You just knocked your self out at the boat launch in front of a bunch of people!  That was the beginning of the curse.  Next three fishing trip produced nada, zilch, nothing.  Oh the curse of Steamboat, and how it plagued us.  So you got bucked off.  Now what?  Lets take our vacation at Banks lake and break the curse.  So we did, and it was awesome.  We persevered and learned another valuable lesson that you will not always have a successful fishing trip but you need to keep at it and it will pay off.
  Now that it is fall, and our season is coming to a close.  We can look back at all the photos of our summer together and remember all the good times, and the lessons we have learned.  Not to mention having a freezer fully stocked with walleye filets, and smoked kokanee.  What a great year.
Thank you
Milo Marcille
Bent Hook Pontoon
Tight Lines!
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Posted: 10-07-2016, 05:54 PM
Pflueger Supreme XT: Review With Fish Catches
Hey guys, check this out.  This is a review of a great casting reel as well as a ton of fishing footage.  I've caught a lot of bass with it and absolutely love this reel!
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Posted: 04-14-2015, 04:03 PM
Pre Spawn Bass Fishing With Jigs & Senkos
Took Swayner23 out fishing with me on Sunday and we had a blast!  We boated a total of 12 Largemouth and 3 Rock Bass.  I caught 8 Largemouth and Chris caught 4 Largemouth and 3 Rock Bass.

This video is all of Chris' catches minus one rock bass that I didn't get on film.
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Posted: 04-14-2015, 03:54 PM
Swimbaiting Western Washington 2013.
Hello everyone!
         I hope everyone had a great year of fishing. I made a short compilation of some swimbait largie's I caught over the last year. Please excuse my language in the opening scene. I hooked up a possible double digit so my adrenalin was floored! Enjoy and happy holidays!

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Posted by: dresscode5
Posted: 11-19-2013, 03:00 PM
What a Catch!
Now where did that rseas guy go? He seems to do this every year, come along the end of October he disappears only to be found occasionally lurking in the forums. OK, I'm guilty. I don't know what happens with the 4th quarter but each year the rseas spare time machine always seems to be down for parts. This year though we have a good excuse, I now have a reason to buy more rods, reels and fishing gear. I have a new fishing buddy.

What the heck, what am I talking about? With the usual end of the year chaos, work and life in general it has been a busy 3 or 4 months but this year we had a special project in work, our household has been blessed with the addition of an adorable, energetic bundle of three year old little boy. I won’t bore you with the sorted details but the end result is that my grandson is now enriching our every moment and living in our home. Although the story may seem sad he was surrounded by loving caretakers that truly care about him. Through changing circumstances he has come to our home not as a guest but as a permanent member of the rseas clan.

As our little man is a future student of Rseas Kokanee University, weather permitting his brain washing begins this weekend. He is over the top excited about his first fishing trip and has already eaten lunch in the driveway bound boat. I am not sure which local fishery we will explore for his first outing but rest assured that it will be an adventure.

Never being one that can leave well enough alone, we have had a few other things on the burner as well. I have a number of fabrication projects in work for the boat and I am finally giving in and am going to have a bimini/canvas enclosure made for it (unless I can wiggle my way out of it for another year…). Boat stuff aside, we are also setting up a 120 gallon custom saltwater reef tank. In hindsight, since I used to do saltwater tank installations and maintenance I should have known better. Just like a boat someone could give you the set-up lock, stock and barrel and you'll still go broke. We are also looking at remodeling the upstairs bathroom. Hey why not, it can't be that big of a project... The last springtime project and hopefully not the straw responsible for the camel’s trip to the chiropractor is a bed platform/pullout kitchen for the back of the truck. It is all designed and I hope to start cutting wood by the end of the month, early March.

All that said I still have this years fishing adventures to plan and prepare for. I hope to perfect my sockeye flies. I am also developing a pink salmon fly where my goal is for it to be effective on the salt as well as in the rivers. In addition to our fall trip east of the mountains, while the water is still up in the tules I hope to plan a Mardon Resort/Potholes trip this spring. I want to actually target bass in shallow water instead of catching them as an incidental catch. We would also like to do a Chelan weekend and hunt the large lake trout that skulk in the depths awaiting the dark form of some lucky anglers lure to silently glide through their sensory zone. Although I have a few new kokanee lures on the drawing board there are no major changes in our kokanee plan this spring. Just pound the water as often as possible and keep the smoker full. As a quick side note; I have been keeping an eye on the happenings at Lake Samish and there are gazillions of large kokanee jumping all over the lake. Finally, on a briny note, this summer is forecasted (according to my inside sources) to be a banner Puget Sound salmon year. Either way we plan to frequently splash the boat in the salt this summer. I hope to try a number of the less crowded areas we fished as kids. With no major changes in our usual gear or technique being planned, the nostalgia and secluded fishing spots should be the makings for a memorable summer on the water.

I hope that this helps to clear up the where’s rseas controversy, well maybe not controversy but curiosity. We are very much looking forward to our new adventure and sharing this year’s aquatic exploits with our new little fisherman. To all, happy fishing and be safe on the water.
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Posted by: rseas
Posted: 02-10-2013, 12:32 AM
How I caught my P.B. in Washington this fall.
Hey guys,
     I just wanted to share my first attempt at video editing and some short footage I got of my Biggest bass out of Washington State. The cold weather is making me stir crazy already. Happy Holidays!!!

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Posted by: dresscode5
Posted: 11-28-2012, 12:32 AM
9/22 - Late Summer | Early Fall Top Water Bite
While fishing last saturday, I managed to catch only 2 bass but they were both on topwater lures!  The bass were nowhere to be found under docks.  We only found fish on the edges of pad fields or near steep drop offs into deeper water.

The first bass hit just below the surface (less than 1 feet) on the River2Sea Larry Dahlberg Diver Frog 60!  I haven't fished this frog much because it sort of got lost in my boxes of tackle.  But I was glad I fished it on this day!

The second bass smashed my Koppers Live Target Bluegill Wakebait right at the boat!

Both videos are below.  Enjoy!


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Posted: 09-28-2012, 12:32 AM
Swimbaits for Big Bass!
I just wanted to share a video clip Elija got of me landing my personal best Largie out of Wa. state. His scale got it @ 6.14 but I'm quite sure it was over 7 lb. Who knows? I was very excited because I've been toying w/ swimbait a lot lately and lost some big fish. Anyway, enjoy and tight lines!
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Posted by: dresscode5
Posted: 09-25-2012, 12:23 PM
3 Days, 403 Fish, Feeding Bald Eagles!
I was fortunate enough to fish Lake Roosevelt with my ex boss the past 2 weekends!

We fished a full day on 9/8 and put 100 smallmouth and 1 walleye in the boat!  We fished only about 3 hours on 9/9 before being blown off the lake by 35+ mph winds but still put 56 smallmouth in the boat!

We fished a full day on 9/14 and put 121 smallmouth in the boat!  We fished another full day on 9/15 and put 151 smallmouth in the boat!  We fished a little more than half a day on 9/16 and put 130 smallmouth and 1 walleye in the boat!  This give us a 3 day total of 403 fish!

We were targeting points and offshore structure in various depths of water with finesse tactics and we absolutely slayed the fish!  With such a huge smallmouth population and not enough food, the majority of the fish are quite stunted.  We caught countless fish in the 1/2 lb range with several in the 1 - 2 lb range.  All of these fish are feeding up for fall and are super fat like footballs!  A lot of them were puking up baitfish (fry?) sculpins and craws.

I didn't record much fishing because I forgot to bring my battery charger for my spare batteries.  But I did record some footage of us feeding 2 Bald Eagles!  Mike has put in some time over the past 1.5 years or so training these eagles.  They're so smart that if we get within a couple coves of the cove where they live, they will come flying over and perch in the trees or on the rocks.  We fed them a few dink smallies and I got some footage of it!


Here is a picture of a nice, chunky, super strong 1 lb 14 oz smallmouth that took me for a ride!  These river smallmouth are So Strong and put up a fight similar to that of a smallie twice their size!

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Posted: 09-16-2012, 11:11 PM
Topwater Bass Fishing With Frogs!
So it has been one of my goals this year to catch my first bass on a topwater frog.  It has never been one of my confidence baits and I have never stuck with it long enough to catch a bass with it.  I had several blow ups last year on frogs such as the Spro Bronzeye, Koppers Live Target Hollow Body Frog, and the Paycheck Baits Transporter Frog.  However, I was never lucky enough to get a good hookset on any of those fish.  Even though I let the fish take the bait and eat it, I got the short end of the stick and they always managed to spit it just as I was setting the hook.

Well, my luck changed today.  I was using a Booyah Pad Crasher and I managed to catch 2 largemouth bass with it.  I even caught both of these fish on camera!  This is by far my favorite frog.  It has a keel shaped body that allows it to walk really well and much more effortlessly than some other frogs that I have used.  It also has the softest body that I have ever felt that collapses with very little pressure, exposing the hooks.  The hooks are also super sharp and I believe that the way that they are positioned gives you the absolute best chance of hooking up with a fish.

Enjoy :)

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Posted: 08-26-2012, 10:14 PM
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