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    Welcome to Mike's Fishing Blog, the culmination of a ten year vision for this web site. I fish for anything that swims - put a pole in my hand and I'm there!
    Stretching my legs for this week took me into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness to day hike two lakes that are an easy day trip for us in the Puget Sound region. Talapus and Olallie are reached going east on Hwy 90 and taking exit #45, turning left and going under the freeway. Follow FS road 9030 about 3.4 miles to the trailhead.

    When I arrived (on a Tuesday morning, 8:30am) there was one van in the parking lot. "Sweet!" I thought to myself and began my trek up the hill. Today's conditions were cool (50s) and moist, with fog/drizzle and snow/drizzle all part of the mix. The trail starts big and wide but thankfully shrinks to a nice mountain/forest trail with a nice, steady climb and a few switchbacks thrown in to keep things interesting. There are also a fair number of rocks in the lower part of the trail, so be careful with slipping. Midway to Talapus there's a nice creek which in the spring is running heavy and loud. The trail was muddy and wet in locations, and going to Ollalie throw in some snow, but nothing too tough.

    Talapus holds eastern brook and Olallie (17 acres) holds rainbow and cutts per my guide book, but each has limited shore access. Considering how close these lakes are, an angler could easily pack in a raft or tube to get to the deeper parts of the lake. I'm guessing those trout would be willing biters of a wolley bugger pattern stripped in the middle of the lake. I cast a Fish Creek Spinner a little bit but wasn't really hitting the lakes hard. Olallie was actually kinda cold at 3550 feet and snow/slush falling, so I headed back down and got to the parking lot at 1:30pm, now with ten vehicles in it. Twas a nice day hike, totaling 8.83 miles of rambling per my GPS, 1254 feet of ascent, starting at 2653 ft and reaching a high point of 3720 feet.


    Talapus Lake


    Ollalie Lake


    Nice creek halfway to Talapus
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    Posted by: Mike Carey
    Posted: June 15, 2010 04:51 PM
    Categories: General
    mav186 says:
    June 15, 2010 05:01 PM
    What a nice report Mike, and presented so well to boot...looks like a great time!
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