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    Welcome to my fishing blog!

    I pretty much never go out and purposely target trout. But with the cold front that lead up to opening weekend, the bass at the lake I went to were shut down. After catching only a couple dink largemouth in a couple hours, my buddy and I decided to troll for trout and destroyed over 45 in just a couple hours. I just chose 16 clips for this video so it wouldn't be over an hour long. This lake actually gets brood stock so they were much bigger average size and fought a lot harder than most trout.

    For you trout fishermen, you absolutely need to go get some of the 3" Minnow from

    ! This is the same company that also makes Pen Fishing Rods.

      I've caught plenty of bass on these little jerkbaits as well! They have amazing flash and action!




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    Posted: May 06, 2015 05:04 PM
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