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Combat River Fishing 101
COMBAT RIVER FISHING 101 - A primer to help you survive fishing shoulder to shoulder with 100 other anglers.Types of FishChinook Salmon (King), Coho Salmon (Silver), Chum Salmon (Dog Salmon) and Pink Salmon (Humpy), Steelhead or Cutthroat Trout, and Jacks (usually immature Chinook).Types of Bank Fishing· Casting with corky and yarn, spoons or spinners.· Float fishing, usually with roe.· Plunking, usually with roe.These different types of fishing don't mix. Try to use the...
Category: Rivers  Date: 8/2/2011  Author: Str8line
Bear Creek Bull
THE SEEMINGLY ALMOST HUMAN LIKE INTELLIGENCE OF THE SPIKE BULL ELK, THE BEAUTIFUL, REMOTE SNOW COVERED FOREST AND THE LONG BACKPACK MADE THIS HUNT HARD TO FORGET. The morning was dark and damp from recent rains and the chill of fall hung in the air as we loaded our gear into the station wagon. It was about 2:00 AM and my hunting partner had just finished working the second shift at The Boeing Company. Hunting trips seemed to eliminate his need for sleep.My hun...
Category: Stories  Date: 2/15/2011  Author: Bob Johansen
Managing a Complex Fishery, Lake Chelan
As a full time guide on Lake Chelan since 2000 and having had an interest and passion that will remain throughout my life, it is my desire that this fishery be viable for generations to come. Yet, because I make a practice of posting pictures of retained lakers from Lake Chelan, I have received comments from enthusiastic catch and release anglers that would indicate that I do not have the continued viability of the resource in mind. Compared against today’s conservation ethic the Lake Chelan’...
Category: Trout  Date: 3/8/2010  Author: Anton Jones
Scouting the Seeps Lakes for Early Season Bass
March is usually the month when the highly contagious "twitching disease" strikes most of us northwest bass fishermen. It's probably those first warm sunny days of spring that brings it on. As the faint heat from those first rays of sun hits our casting arm it starts twitching with an almost uncontrollable urge to get out and cast out for Ol' Bucketmouth, Ol’ Minnow Breath and those other big lethargic lily pad lunkers. Black bass, both the bucketmouth and smalljaw, can be coerced...
Category: Bass  Date: 1/4/2010  Author: Bob Johansen
Bass Jigs
MOST BASS ANGLERS CARRY LARGE TACKLE BOXES LOADED WITH A VAST ARRAY OF DEADLY LURES DESIGNED TO TRICK MR. BASS INTO STRIKING. THE JIG JUST MIGHT BE ONE OF THE BEST. You could say that a bass anglers tackle box is deadly arsenal of many different weapons – All designed to tempt the black bass into striking. Each of these weapons either represent a favorite food of the bass or they are “impulse baits” -- a bait the bass will hit just because its there and he can catch it. One sometimes w...
Category: Bass  Date: 5/7/2009  Author: Bob Johansen
Planer Boards for Trout and Other Species
Macks LurePlaner boards have been most commonly associated with fishing big water for salmon and lake trout with outrigger masts and releases clipped on the planer board line. Now with growing popularity of inline planer boards it very easy to spread your lines away from the boat when fishing for other species. I sue them a lot when trolling Mack’s Lure craw...
Category: Tackle  Date: 3/29/2009  Author: Bryan Youness
Snoqualmie Falls Pool Steelhead
UNABLE TO CONTINUE ANY FURTHER UPSTREAM, CHINOOK, COHO, CHUM AND BOTH SUMMER AND WINTER STEELHEAD STACK UP IN THIS POOL AND PROVIDE EXCELLENT FISHING OPPORTUNITIES FOR NORTHWEST ANGLERS Snoqualmie Falls was named for a tribe of Indians, the SDOH-KWAH-BU which means “Moon People.” According to legend, many years ago, the council fires of several different tribes burned near this site. The majestic falls were reportedly a source of awe and mystery to the Indians.The first white man to r...
Category: Rivers  Date: 12/29/2008  Author: Bob Johansen
Noise on the Line
To 'Stare'a) to gaze fixedly; especially with eyes wide open at fishing lures! I was a kid that loved to fish. When I got to the local hardware store's fishing racks, I stared a lot and gazed fixedly for sure! I scanned the lure choices searching for my favorites, the right color, a new blade, a style that I may not have. Spinner choices were limited during my earliest days in central Wisconsin. Hungry brook and brown trout, on the other hand, were plentiful in the Rib River. Growing ...
Category: Bass  Date: 12/15/2008  Author: John Delaney
Winter Steelheading
YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE MISERABLE TO FISH FOR WINTER STEELHEAD Steelheaders come in all shapes, sizes and ages. They also come in all degrees of enthusiasm and skill. This short article is slanted towards the steelheader, who, on a scale of one to ten in skill level would rate somewhere below a five -- maybe, even a one or two. It is written with the hope that it may help the fellow struggling along the river bank in wet tennis shoes, lugging a heavy tackle box, a big salmon landing net,...
Category: Rivers  Date: 12/15/2008  Author: Bob Johansen
The "Dreaded Threaded"
Here it is! The much anticipated “Dreaded Threaded” walkthrough that I have promised all of you. This is by far my favorite and most productive way to bait fish for trout.I was taught this by Cory Shiozaki, aka “Fear No Trout”, an amazing guide in Northern California, especially Crowley Lake. I would imagine that some of you know how to do this and maybe even use this technique often, well, this is not for you. I am writing this walkthrough for all those who are new to the sport, lookin...
Category: Tackle  Date: 10/6/2008  Author: Fishnislife
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