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The lakes listed below are located in Bingham County. If the lake you are looking for is not listed, let us know and we'll get it added for you. Clicking on the "reports" link will take you to the reports page where detailed fishing reports as well as photos, maps and other information can be found. To go directly to the map or Featured Lake article for a lake, click on the appropriate icon in the list. The Updated column refers to the last time we recieved a report for that lake. To filter out lakes that are of no interest to you, click on a column header to sort the list or use the search function.
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45191Cottontail WaterholeBinghamID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.2171328,-112.9416616--022
46321Equalizing ReservoirBinghamID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.178249,-112.2838641--022
48501JensensBinghamID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.2046374,-112.3552554--022
49061LausBinghamID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.1874103,-112.9597179--022
50341Meteor HoleBinghamID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.0351958,-111.6857864--022
52001RatBinghamID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.117418,-111.6838429--022
55521Wood RoadBinghamID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.3110224,-112.8136024--022