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The lakes listed below are located in Lincoln County. If the lake you are looking for is not listed, let us know and we'll get it added for you. Clicking on the "reports" link will take you to the reports page where detailed fishing reports as well as photos, maps and other information can be found. To go directly to the map or Featured Lake article for a lake, click on the appropriate icon in the list. The Updated column refers to the last time we recieved a report for that lake. To filter out lakes that are of no interest to you, click on a column header to sort the list or use the search function.
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42911Antelope ReservoirLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.9276849,-113.9691935--022
43001BaconLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.1662944,-113.7755774--022
43551Big Draw ReservoirLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.1196257,-114.4939369--022
44881CliffLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.1974054,-113.7900229--022
45151Corral ReservoirLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.9249072,-113.990861--022
45171CottontailLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.9771284,-113.7564076--022
45321CraterLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.091295,-114.0066967--022
45901Dry Gulch ReservoirLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.082404,-114.4697688--022
45941Dry RockLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.1393501,-113.8711364--022
45951DuckLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.8637961,-114.1164198--022
47221Green Spring ReservoirLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.1082371,-114.4769917--022
47231Greybull ReservoirLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.1018483,-114.4636578--022
47361HalfwayLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.0776836,-113.7880767--022
47421HansenLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.9743507,-113.7483517--022
47921Hillside ReservoirLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.0862929,-114.4583796--022
48221Hunt WaterholeLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.9449065,-114.1755898--022
50011Mac RaeLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.0940725,-113.7233522--022
50061MallardLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.8568518,-114.0950302--022
50681Mud FlatLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.1046279,-113.7625205--022
50781Mule ShoeLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.8362963,-114.1183639--022
50811MustardLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.980184,-113.7725194--022
50861New RoadLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.9124069,-113.7533516--022
50871New YearsLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.8324075,-114.1033634--022
50901Nipple ReservoirLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.1115706,-114.4594911--022
51101One ShotLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.8240744,-114.0519729--022
51141Owinza ButteLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.8476853,-114.0697515--022
52101ReedLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.8532407,-114.0805852--022
52271RockLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.9624067,-114.0664197--022
52591RuizLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.9910171,-114.2425376--022
52731SandLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.8682406,-114.0889191--022
52901Seep ReservoirLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.0924041,-114.4472682--022
52931Shale ButteLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.9954618,-113.7991871--022
53151Sid Number OneLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.9118516,-113.9811383--022
53161Sid Number TwoLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.9107405,-113.9839162--022
53541South WildhorseLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.0118504,-113.7789088--022
53771StarLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.8312962,-114.18281--022
54211TexasLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.8499075,-114.052251--022
54431Tom GoodingLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.1051815,-114.485603--022
54531TrinityLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.8365743,-114.0761404--022
55111Wally ReservoirLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.0512948,-113.7255738--022
55271West WildhorseLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 43.0407394,-113.8341891--022
55581ZeroLincolnID 0GPS Coordinates: 42.8496294,-114.1644765--022