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As I hiked up to Trap I saw bear, deer and various other wild life. When I got to the lake I was in bliss! It was a perfect day to go fishing...but isn't everyday. Really this is a lake I will take my kid to when she grows. The lake is small but it's beauty is enormous. Fishing is keen with crystal clear waters and hardly nothing to get caught up on I want to go here when I die. I think there is cutts and bows in it all native cause there's no road access the fish are beautiful and not afraid to bite!! But that doesn't mean catch them all this lake should be respected for what it is and it's all natural. I love to eat me some fish but don't fish here and take out a stringer or more there's plenty of other lakes that offer fish to that aren't as precious as this one. There was a guy I almost got in a fist fight with because he was catching fish in a barrel and just ripping them out and with no regard to the lake or the fish littering and robbing the lake of about twenty bows. Come on!
That ain't right darn it! And to top it off he was using powerbait is that really necessary to use there. They'll bite just a hook. Power bait is like a good piece off a-- would you turn it down? If you do visit Trap respect it. Just take one good one home with you please or even better take a picture of it those fish aren't planted so don't act as if they are. It really irks me to see people treat these kind of lakes like there's a grounds keeper that's going to pick up your garbage. It would serve that guy right if he fell off a cliff on the way back down. 6/8/02 Myk

About ten years ago, minus one wife and two kids, I used to do a fare amount of hiking. I had a job which gave me weekdays off, working every weekend. So I got to see a lot of country. One lake that stays in my memory because of the outstanding cutthroat fishing is Trap lake. Trap is reached from Hwy 2 going east, take the FR 6095 exit. This is about three miles before Steven's Pass. It's on the right side of the road at a curve in the road. The hike begins on a steady climb about 2 miles to two small lakes, Mig and Hope. There are fish in these lakes but I don't know what kind. The hike to Trap continues south about 2 1/2 miles. You are now traveling on the Pacific Crest Trail. The views open up to incredible vistas and it feels like you are on top of the world. The effort going up to Mig and Hope lakes is well worth it at this point. After traveling the ridges you will come to a trail on your left that drops down into Trap lake. The descent is about 300 feet. The lake itself is 11 acres at 5250 feet. It has a rocky shoreline that circles the lake. There are a couple camping spots close to the lake. You can work all the way around the lake, but watch your step on the big boulders! I fished the entire lake, working my way around. When I got to the south shore where the big boulders are, I began catching one after another nice 9-12" cutthroat. I used simple spinners, nothing fancy. I was amazed by the number of fish I caught. It was a glorious day of solitude and fish caught. Someday I will return to this lake, if only to see if the fishing is still as good as that day.

Remember, minimal impact hiking and camping and leave some fish there for others! Aug 5, 2000 Mike Carey