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Featured Lake Article

Nov 30, 2000

By Susan and Mike Emerson

Cougar Lake is a alpine lake that is approximately 5 miles from Lake Pearrygin on the Methow W.R.A. road. The lake was planted with 3,500 catchable rainbows in August of 2000, and the season is from Sept. 1 to March 31 (winter lake). There are some really BIG fish in this lake. They have rough camping facilities (no water, power or trash) at the lake and the surrounding area (porta-potties
available). It has had fly fishing competitions there occasionally in September. The road going to the lake is a well-maintained gravel road but is
narrow in places. The boat ramp is very rough and will only accommodate a car-top boat. The lake is 3 acres and shallow in many places. Fly fishing is quite good as well as still fishing with eggs, worms or power bait. Also, people have trolled the small lake (electric motors only) with some success (no weights).

Directions are as follows:

From Seattle area, take Hwy 20 east to Winthrop.Go through the town of Winthrop toward Lake Pearrygin State Park. At the park entrance to the
right, continue to go straight onto the dirt road (from this point, it is between 4-1/2 to 5 miles to the lake turnoff). At the "T" in the road, go left and go past the Bear Creek campground and go up a steep mountainside. The entrance to Cougar Lake is on the left at the 4-1/2 to 5 mile point so watch for the road going to the left. Going straight will take you to Campbell Lake.