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Featured Lake Article

Sept 29, 2002

By Michael Emerson

Diamond Lake is a 754 acre lake that that holds rainbow and cutthroat, some large and small mouth bass and yellow perch (may hold catfish, by what some locals say). Before we started to fish the lake, we read that the lake had been poisoned out because of the illegal stocking of spiny rays, but we found that not to be true because we caught some perch and saw others fishing for and catching bass. Even though there was an illegal stocking of spiny rays, this is still an excellent lake for cutthroat and rainbows. As of this year, they planted 35,000 rainbows and 1,000 triploid rainbow trout which should continue into next year. Fishing should be good at the beginning of the April and in Sept. and October when the water cools. During the summer months, you must contend with speed boats, skiers and jet skis later in the day and weekends. Best time to fish is during the week. A Carey Special fly in green or fluorescent green.

Located 7 miles SW of Newport on Hwy 2.