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The easiest and most scenic way to reach Petit is to go north out of Priest River, ID on highway 57 for about 25 miles. When you reach Kalispell Creek Rd. you turn left and follow the the creek back into Washington. The lake is about 12 mi from the highway. There is an unimproved campground with just a few sites next to the lake.

While enjoying this lake, caution should be taken because it is bear country, both grizzlie and brown. If camping up there, use the common sense practices. And remember- Pack it in / pack it out.
Petit Lake is surrounded by mountains covered with tamarack, cedar and fir. If you go in the fall, the mountains around the lake will be a blaze with the fall colors of the tamarack. In the early spring they are a brilliant light green.
Driving back from the lake you are presented with a beautiful view of the Selkirk Mountains on the east side of Priest Lake . It's a wonderful way to end a peaceful day spent fishing. Marc Martyn