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Featured Lake Article

Oct 7, 2005

By Mike Carey

Angle lake is an urban lake located a scant two miles from SeaTac airport. Because of this, you will not find a peaceful, quiet fishing experience here. But if you like watching planes take off every thirty seconds you'll be in airplane heaven.

The lake has a large public park on the west end. There is a fishing pier (good sized) and a nice park overlooking the lake. The parking is good. Be warned, however, that spaces fill up quickly on nice days. Worse, there are only ten or so trailer parking spots and they get filled up early.

The ramp is old and falling apart and there are several cracks so back up slowly. The day I was there the water level was quite low. I had to ease off the end of the ramp 8-10" to get to the lake. Kind of dicey for smaller rigs. Also, the turn around is somewhat narrow, but negotiable.

The shoreline is fully developed and uninspiring. There is an 8 mph speed limit on the lake. WDFW stocks the lake with trout which no doubt get heavy pressure due to the close proximity of this lake to - everything. An OK place to visit if you don't have time to search out something a little more peaceful, but not a place to make a first choice to visit, in my opinion.