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Featured Lake Article

This is a wonderful hike to two beautiful alpine lakes with good fishing.
Surprise Lake is located just west of Stevens Pass along Hwy. 2. Going eastbound on Hwy. 2, about ten miles east from the town of Skykomish, and just before the big bend in the highway, take a right on an unmarked road near the old site of Scenic. Cross the railroad tracks and stay to your right until you come to the trailhead. Trail park passes required.
The four mile hike to Surprise lake has a moderate elevation gain of 2300 feet, but the trail stays in cool forest most of the way and there are plenty of creeks and streams for water breaks along the way. This trail was in great shape and the scenery stunning.
Surprise Lake is very deep and ringed with trees and boulders which made great fishing platforms. The lake has some gorgeous brook trout which have started turning to their spawning colors of red and gold. Most of the fish caught were about 10 inches, the largest was 12 inches. I seemed to have the best luck near the outlet of the lake fishing different spoons painted with spots.
Alpine Lakes are fragile, his beautiful place is recovering from abuse of others so please be kind. There are no fires permitted, please use the pit toilet, walk only on established trails, camp only in designated sites, and respect the off limits areas designated for re-vegetation/rehabilitation. Mike Stevenson