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Featured Lake Article

I decided my body needed a hike, so after dropping the kids at school I drove out to explore this Alpine lake. Not to be confused with the other Trout lake in King county, this lake is located a dozen miles or so east of Skykomish. Go 1.8 miles east of Skykomish, turn right on the Foss River road, go 4 miles or so to the East Foss River road, turn on to it and follow to the end, about 4 1/2 miles. The hike is a leasurily 1.5 miles, starting out on a rocky trail that ascends at a easy pace. Cross over the Foss river and into the woods. A large cedar? stands impressively along the side of the trail. A bit of a climb to the end and you come to the out-let stream, very nice, rocky outcroppings. The lake itself is surrounded by wooded hills and rocky cliffs. It appears to be fairly shallow, except on the opposite shoreline which has more drop-off cliffs. I saw a few fish rise to slurp in bugs, and cast out with a spinner without success. This would be a perfect lake to hike in a raft. An easy hike and then you can use the raft to explore the deeper parts of the lake on the far shoreline. There are some established campsites, but not many. A weekend could be tough to get a spot unless you come early. Farther up the trail and requiring more effort are several lakes- Malachite, Copper, Little and Big Heart, and many more. Grab a topo map and plan an overnighter to really do the area justice. Mike Carey