• anyone heard anything about newman lake?

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Dedicated to the pursuit of the Noble Muskellunge.
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 #218375  by Magnus100
 Sun Apr 19, 2015 7:27 pm
A friend of a friend caught a nice tiger today and got bit off 3 times. He was bass fishing. I dont have any more details unfortunately but I am wishin I was fishin. Unfortunately I wont be out for atleast a couple weeks.
 #220292  by Evergreen Esox
 Thu Jun 25, 2015 7:20 pm
Well here's a little something about Newman from the Spokesman. The article claimed this is a 55" tiger. I am dubious of this claim, having handled several fish over 50" myself. I think they may have meant to say 45", which seems more reasonable. I could be mistaken of course as there are no perfect people.
Newman tiger.jpg
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 #220295  by dwh4784
 Thu Jun 25, 2015 9:33 pm
I fished it Tuesday evening with a coworker, barely got anything. Couldn't even get a hit on a mouse way back in the pads (South end). Finally did catch a couple small largemouth in one of the West bays on a Senko and my coworker had went desperation to a bobber w/ night-crawler catching bluegill and got one bass nicer than mine on that rig, lovely! I saw some guys fishing deep out in the middle of the lake and think with the heat I may need to learn that program. I had steel leaders on, Rapala's/Buzz Baits/etc hoping for a rogue Muskie while bass fishing but didn't get squat.
 #220296  by ncwflounderer
 Thu Jun 25, 2015 9:51 pm
I've never fished this lake, but have been around muskie, and i have found that sticking with the bass gear, and using 30# mono leader instead of wire, helps a lot with the breakoffs from muskie and improves the bass bites.
 #220384  by Evergreen Esox
 Mon Jun 29, 2015 12:08 pm
I'll give you my two cents on Newman tigers for this time of year, in the mornings and evening:
6" Perch or Firetiger colored Jake's and Grandma's, white or orange belly color. Jerked and straight retrieve, fast.
Jointed Rap in Perch or gold/black. Supershad in any color.
Yellow, white or black spinnerbaits most days as a toss back to follows and to work weed pockets.
MG chart/black, with painted blades, spinnerbait when the water really gets cloudy.
Put yourself in 10 feet of water, work the shore line and docks, always moving.
Afternoons: troll supershad rap or 6" bucher depthraiders in 10+ feet of water.
 #220408  by muskyhunter
 Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:01 pm
Heyah Esox,
There was a 52" caught out there way back in like 10' or 11' had pictures of it at the store when it was open. I am pretty sure it was a pretty good stick from around the Spokane area that got her..and released her.
How does one get a tiger muskie towell? Good fish man!
 #221365  by Fish-N-Fool
 Sat Aug 01, 2015 8:56 am
ncwflounderer wrote:I've never fished this lake, but have been around muskie, and i have found that sticking with the bass gear, and using 30# mono leader instead of wire, helps a lot with the breakoffs from muskie and improves the bass bites.

Fishing for toothy critters with 30# mono would be insane. I use 80# Fluorocarbon tied to 65 lb. braid I still get the bass bites and land the muskies.
 #221516  by Fish-N-Fool
 Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:14 am
muskyhunter wrote:No tigers in Newman..
I assume you mean by that you have not caught any Tigers there lately. We all know the lake has Muskie's in it. I did go fish it this week and never had a fallow, but is was super hot that day. Even the bass would not bite as we threw some bass lures for the last hour or so as well. I agree with you on that fish posted above. it was in no way a 55" fish. Somebody got the numbers mixed up because that was a low to mid 20 lb. fish and about 45"long. A fish over 55" would be well over 50 lb. as the current World record was only 52" long and weighted 44 lbs.
 #221720  by Evergreen Esox
 Thu Aug 13, 2015 1:19 pm
If you read my earlier reply; just use the last sentence to catch musky in Newman. I was shown this by Muskieguy, it really is the simplest way to do it. This time of year 10-15' will be fine in the AM and evening. Deeper in midday. I recall that big fish, the last time I saw, it was in MG's hands going back into the water several years back (2011 maybe). I remember seeing an old post from a tournament where MH caught the only musky in Newman, maybe he kept it and that's why there are no musky anymore??? That is sneaky of him.
 #221752  by muskyhunter
 Fri Aug 14, 2015 5:19 pm
No tigers in Newman the pike the guy caught and released a few years back ate them all..thanks guy!
Evergreen..have you heard from MG at all recently had and lost his number..miss that guy! That tiger at Newman..idk i heard muskies taste like eagles..sneaky..? Yep! lol
 #237869  by Fish-N-Fool
 Sat Jul 22, 2017 7:54 pm
So Newman does still have muskies in it!!!!! I got this mid size Ski the other day on my VERY FIRST CAST in the morning ( so much for the fish of 10,000 casts LOL) It hit a new freshly painted 8" S-waver in a Metallic Golden Perch color that I really like tons of flash in the water works great for both Snot Rockets and Skis.
Here is the Ski I got the other day