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Western WA Tiger Musky Group

Post by ussbirdman » Tue Jan 26, 2021 4:00 pm

Hey guys,

I'm not sure how active this board is anymore but I figure I see who all is still around.

After experiencing musky fishing for the first time in Wisconsin and learning there were Tigers in my area, I've gone all in on the sport. I've been able to land a couple of nice tigers at Mayfield and a little guy at Tapps this year. So far, I have been on my own for all of this in my little aluminum boat. It's been fun but I would love to connect with others who fish for Tigers in my area. I know there used to be a chartered club with tournaments and such but it seems like that is no longer functioning since COVID hit.

I would love to connect with some musky anglers in my area (South King County) to learn a bit more about the local lakes or even fish together. Would be a lot more fun to share the experience with others and hear some of your stories too. Anyway, if anyone knows of people getting together to talk muskies, I'd love to know.

Here are my two from Mayfield this summer.
IMG_1579 (1).png
IMG_1634 (1).png

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