Inflatable Kayak Buying Advice

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Inflatable Kayak Buying Advice

Post by ellamella » Tue Apr 05, 2022 5:53 pm

Hello All,

New to the sheets here. I just got myself a Wilderness Systems Pungo 125 the previous summer and truly delighted in it. Presently I'm taking a gander at getting an inflatable kayak as a second boat for visitors visiting my place fundamentally, or my very own utilization for whitewater.

I've restricted it down to two choices, either Sea Eagle 380x, or Aquaglide Chelan 140 (2021). They are similarily estimated from what I see as on the web. At the present time the AG 140 appears hard to situate in stock.

One significant contrast between the two is their heap limit evaluations. The SE is evaluated for 750lbs, while the AG is 400lbs. I keep thinking about whether this has a say in the distinction in materials utilized. Both notice 1000 denier drop sewed floors, yet not certain of the distinction in materials for the side cylinders. My impression is that the materials quality is better on the SE. As additionally proved by the distinction in guarantee long term for SE versus long term for AG.

I considered the AG 155, however I maintain that the adaptability should involve the new boat for single and pair use, so the AG 155 appears to be somewhat large for single use.

I like the adaptability of having the option to use in whitewater and the SE is evaluated to class IV, though everything I can find for the AG is "gentle whitewater".

I favor the list of capabilities of the new AG however, including the foot supports, higher seats, webbing circles, side handles for solo transportation and so forth.

At any rate, these are a portion of the things I'm thinking about between the two. I would significantly see the value in any info/experiences anybody could offer.

Much obliged!

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Re: Inflatable Kayak Buying Advice

Post by kodacachers » Wed Apr 13, 2022 11:47 am

Hi Ellamella,
I don't really have much to say about this, but wanted to let you know someone is looking at it!! The Aquaglide is similar to my Advanced Elements, which I love. I haven't used it in whitewater, however.

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