May 2019 Catch-able Rainbow Trout stocking in Grant County

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May 2019 Catch-able Rainbow Trout stocking in Grant County

Post by Mike Schmuck » Fri May 24, 2019 9:14 am

Hope everyone has a fun and SAFE Memorial Day weekend.

FYI, Three lakes in Grant County received stockings of catchable rainbow trout in May. These fish (rainbow trout) come from Trout Lodge and are not listed on the WDFW weekly catchable trout page.

Quincy Lake, in the Quincy Wildlife Area, received 4,000 11-13 inch trout in mid-May.

Martha Lake, which was one of the few lakes with open water on the March 1 opener, received 1,000 11-13 inch trout in mid-May. Martha received a lot of pressure in March and April and I expect most of the catchables that we had stocked in there were harvested.

Deep Lake, in the Sun Lakes State Park, received 5,000 11-13 inch trout in Mid-May. For those who have not been to Deep Lake I highly recommend it. The trout are not huge but catch rates are good and the scenery can not be beat. In addition, this lake receives 13,500 kokanee fry each year.

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