• Spokane Co Lakes - Public or Private?

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Lake fishing topics and discussions belong in this forum. Please, don't post reports in the forum.
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 #8230  by ruthven78
 Tue Jul 17, 2007 10:53 pm
Ok yeah so Im trying to scount out all the possible fishing holes I can easily do day trips to. Im looking at lakes small enough that it isnt a big chore rowing in...though I do have a trolling motor now, just need a battery. Below are some Spokane County lakes that I would like to know if anyone knows if they are public or private? I'll try to put these listed North to South as much as possible. These are names listed on maps.google.com so they may be known by other names?

Reflection Lake (Near Elk, Wa)

Bailey Lake (Spokane County, north of Chattaroy)

Woods Lake (Near Horseshoe lake in Spokane Co)

Dossier Reservior (over by liberty lake)

Meadow Lake (near Four Lakes)

Granite Lake (Four Lakes) (listed on wl.com but no reports)

Willow Lake (Four Lakes) (listed on wl.com but no reports)

Ring Lake (Four Lakes)

Otter Lake (Four Lakes)

Page Pond (near silver lake)

Queens Lucas Lake (slightly north of Fish Lake)

Reeves Lake

Kepple Lake

Lasher Lake

Campbell Lake (not the one in okanagan co)

Philleo Lake (near cheney-spangle rd)

Alkali Lake (not the one in in grant co, its north of amber lake)

Mason Lake (netween amber and fishtrap)
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 #8245  by hewesfisher
 Tue Jul 17, 2007 11:35 pm
Here are the ones I can help with, all private and/or no access due to all surrouding property being private.

Meadow Lake
Granite Lake
Willow Lake
Philleo Lake

Some of the others in or near Four Lakes are most liley in the same situation. My co-wrker lives in Four Lakes so I will ask about Otter and Ring Lakes tomorrow. I'm not sure where Page Pond is, unless it's on the southwest side of Silver.
 #8573  by Marc Martyn
 Sat Jul 21, 2007 11:02 pm
Many years ago I researched a lot of area lakes. Looking over the list, I would say that that they are all private and a couple in the Cheney area may be on the game reserve.
The rule of thumb I have used in the past is:
If the game dept. hasn't stocked it, or if there isn't a usable access, it's private.
 #246311  by hewesfisher
 Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:13 am
Wow, this topic has been dead for 12yrs and has to be the oldest I've ever seen "brought back" here. :cheers: