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Talk about your boats, trailers, and boating specific topics here. Sponsored by Life Proof Boats.
 #240982  by fishtrembles
 Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:26 pm
Hey everybody, first time contributor but I'm feeling kind of proud of myself for thinking of these ideas and who knows maybe somebody has already thought of them or you have a better idea. So here goes.
1. I have a Lund with storage compartments on the sides where everything seems to land, Downrigger balls included. I was just cleaning them out in prep for a trip tomorrow. I found that my rigger balls had rolled over one of my pole holders and broke the stem. So what I did was take a 1 inch piece of Styrofoam and cut two circles the size of a paper cup in them (like donut holes) then cut the piece to fit on the bottom of the tray and now I just lay the balls in the holes and nobody rolls around.
2. My Minn Kota has a rather long shaft and when it is stowed I don't like the way it bounces around on the water and down the road. So what I did was took a 1 inch hole saw and drilled a hole in the middle of 1 inch piece of pvc which left me with a perfect half circle cup on one end. I then measured and cut it to a length which when held vertically it would support my motors shaft. Then I took a piece of Treks decking and cut a length about 5 inches long, drilled a hole almost all the way through but not quite, removed the chunk left in the hole saw bit and glued the length of pvc in the hole. To secure the motor shaft to the stand that I just built I took a hack saw and cut a slit on each side of the pvc just below the cup I made earlier and fished a strip of velcro through each slit. Now when I stow the motor I just put the stand under the shaft, rap the velcro around it and its well supported. One suggestion, make the stand just a little taller so the motor shaft is lifted just a hair, if it does bounce it ain't much. I know they sell these but mine was made in about 1/2 hour and didn't cost me a dime !!!!
Hope these ideas help someone out there they work for me.

Fish on. Fishtrembles