• boat loader for 12 ft boat

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Talk about your boats, trailers, and boating specific topics here. Sponsored by Life Proof Boats.
 #244081  by iasm
 Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:56 pm
I bought a short box pickup and would like to get a 12 ft aluminum boat. Have any of you guys had any experience with the automatic boat loaders? Also is there a brand of aluminum boats that seems popular. I would like to be able to go fishing more and not have to only choose lakes that have rental boats. I have a 10hp motor.
Thanks for any advice or opinions.
 #244093  by BentRod
 Fri Nov 23, 2018 8:02 am
Sorry, no experience with automatic boat loaders. I do have a 12' aluminum V-hull that I cart around in the back of a standard bed full size truck. It works well, but takes a lot of effort to load/unload between the boat and all the gear (motor -electric and/or gas, oars, seats, battery, fishing gear, etc. I have a 15hp 2-stroke that I occasionally use and it's a real bear to transfer from the truck to the boat and back when launching/taking out. The setup has served me well for the last 10+ years, but as I get older loading and unloading the thing gets more and more tiresome. I now cruise craigslist on occasion for a suitable trailer. If I was only carting around the boat/oars my current method is tolerable, but between the outboard, the trolling motor battery and other items, I've lost some of the motivation to go through all the effort and risk straining my back.
The only automatic boat loader I'm familiar with is the Eide which I think requires unloading all the gear in the boat before use. Not sure what type you've been looking at, but food for thought. Good luck on your decision.
 #244098  by TrackerPro16
 Sat Nov 24, 2018 8:47 am
I had one that mounted on the top of our Suburban. It had a roller and rope system and a 12v motor that would reel it up. It worked fine but was kind of a PITA. You will see them on CL once in a while. The motor failed and I continued to use it manually. I had a 200+ LB Livingston at the time.
I later switched over to a 12' Porta Bote and pulled off the roller rack. You might check the Porta Bote out as an alternative. I still have the Porta Bote and would buy another if I didn't have this one for my camping 'portable' boat.