• Lake Washington Boat Launch in Kenmore

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Talk about your boats, trailers, and boating specific topics here. Sponsored by Life Proof Boats.
 #244213  by jdp53
 Wed Dec 26, 2018 9:19 pm
Can someone educate me on the best route from the Kenmore boat launch to Lake Washington? I have launched here probably 10 times now and I constantly find myself worrying about how shallow it gets when leaving the slough past Kenmore Air. It often registers a two feet or less on my fish finder. The best I have found is to hang a left 45° after the first two buoys. Am I missing something?
 #244220  by The Quadfather
 Fri Dec 28, 2018 12:38 pm
You are not crazy.. it is quite shallow going out of the slough.
Unless you are in some crazy large boat, you should be just fine though. Just use your sonar to stay as deep as possible. You should be able to keep it above 2’ , and very soon it opens up.

FYI.. depending on your fishing destination etc. the downtown Kirkland launch is free and open from Nov-March. It is a very nice single lane boat launch. It is a little janky in the workflow, in that you need to launch, then walk your boat via bow line out along launch/dock, secure boat to end of dock, then go back and park. (Parking is North of launch about 500’). Then walk down to your boat.
But you’l be Likely closer to your Cutthroat destination, if that is your target audience. :-"
 #244222  by jdp53
 Fri Dec 28, 2018 4:55 pm
Thanks for your input!

I went to check out the Kirkland launch thinking the same thing, free and closer to the cutt action, but I was afraid to launch there due to the weird drop off at the end of the ramp. I tow my boat with our lovely Toyota Sienna which doesn't do well with bumps or sudden changes in grade, so we went back up to Kenmore. I love the Kenmore launch (I will love it more once the construction is done) but I don't love having to navigate the shallow parts of the slough.
 #244225  by Mike Carey
 Mon Dec 31, 2018 7:36 pm
If you have GPS you can keep the bread crumb so you'll follow the same track each time (assuming you don't ground... #-o ). I have run my 20 foot Thunderjet through with no issues. I did raise the prop a bit and went slow of course.
 #244535  by rseas
 Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:01 am
The slough is doable with almost any OB. Just keep your line leaving the slough. That said, take it slow and be aware of the depth. As with Mike's boat there are times when I have to tilt the main on my 21' Thunderjet to get to the deeper water.

They used to dredge the lower slough. In my uneducated opinion, when they did the slough's flow was much improved. The water was cooler and more friendly to salmon survival/migration.

I grew up in Bothell and used to regularly catch winter steelhead and salmon drift-fishing corkies or Okie Drifters. I know that the slough no longer has a steelhead season but even if it did, there isn't any free flowing weed free water left.

I know that reduced stream flow is only part of the problem; increased fur bag predation at the locks, water temperature and the use of fertilizers or phosphates along the slough choking it with aquatic vegetation are all responsible for the decline in migrating fish survival.

The slough needs a management plan that focuses on increased stream flow and lowering water temperatures. The Lake Washington system used to host a very robust chinook, coho and steelhead population. I wonder if the co-managers/orca task force have looked at the potential for chinook production within the LW system?
 #244864  by jdp53
 Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:35 pm
I should probably erase some of the bread crumb lines as I have tried a few and some have been good while others have been a little uncomfortable. I run a 17' aluminum outboard so I really shouldn't have issues navigating.

As for the management of the slough, I agree. There are quite a few fish that come into the lake and I don't feel that they are given a very good chance to thrive in the slough. I grew up in Bothell as well and have heard so many stories about how great fishing used to be in there. I can't say I would ever like to see it open up for salmon/steelhead even if the conditions were improved, but I sure would love to see it be a viable option for improving the populations of chinook and steelhead.