Introduction to Life Proof Boats

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Introduction to Life Proof Boats

Post by Lifeproofboats » Sat Oct 31, 2015 7:42 pm

Hi Everyone, by now i am sure you have seen some sort of AD or post pertaining to Life Proof Boats on NWFR. It is an honor for us to be a sponsor for NWFR. We are northwest fisherman. I personally also spent 4 years fishing commercially for reds in Bristol Bay and Halibut & Blackcod in Southeast Alaska. Fishing is in my blood and the other founders of the company. With all that said, I wanted to open a thread about who Life Proof Boats is and why we chose the name that we did. This will also give you guys the opportunity to ask questions or give us some feedback on what you as fisherman want and would like to see in your boats.

First let me say we are an aluminum boat builder which gives us darn near unlimited flexibility in building a boat to each customer. While fiberglass boats are built to molds, we can design and build2 a boat specific to each customer if requested. Everybody has specific uses, needs, and requirements, so for us it’s possible and part of our culture to build the customer the best boat we can for them and not trying to make every customer fit into the same mold.

As an adjective the word proof is defined as "able to withstand something damaging; resistant." The definition of the word life as a noun is "living things and their activities." So together our brand name represents that in the activities of living that you do relative to boating our boats are able to withstand something that would damage most and are resistant to sinking. We want to provide the recreational boater with the safest platform we can. A boat that is virtually unsinkable. Under the decks of our boats you will find foam filling every available void. Our boats also have foam collars that typically run the length of the boat. In the smaller platforms there is enough foam in the boat to float more than twice the weight of the boat. We use the same technologies the USCG has found to be superior and often a required standard in many of their platforms. We only use polyethylene foam because of its superior characteristics. It is closed cell and stays closed cell even if cut, ripped, or smashed. Two part polyurethane foam which are industry standard, only can be considered closed cell for a short time frame and often begin to hold water over time as water finds it way below the decks. As fiberglass boats are stressed overtime they begin to crack and small amount of water weep through areas which are meant to be watertight. Overall the goal of our brand is to provide the safest platform on the market while making sure the platforms are industry leading in performance for their class.

For those of you that take a look at our site and don't see many installed accommodations for fishing. Fish boxes and cutting table designs are complete and can be added if requested. All of our smaller boats have bait wells, fish boxes, and downrigger mounts already installed on the prototype models.

Here’s the thing about why Life Proof Boats is here, we want to be able to provide the safest platform on the market to the people that want it. The platforms we have built and tested show some of our capabilities. Our new 30ft boat, is one of the finest hulls ever produced. It will outperform almost anything on the water. And yes that boat may not be for the average fisherman but what it does is act as a testing platform that lets us share technologies with our smaller fishing boats we build better. As we continue to grow you will begin to see more and more designs. We want to be able to provide boats that range from $50K to $300K depending on what the application is. But all will be built with proven technologies that have keep people safer on the water. We are not looking to be the largest boat builder, we just want to build boats that perform better than the completion and have safety characteristics that you can’t find in any other recreational boat builder.

Thanks for reading my novel. If you have any more questions or comments shoot them my way. If you see something that you like I want to hear it. It can only make us better.

Here's to tight lines and full fish boxes!
Life proof boats are built for anything life can throw at you. Built in the northwest for the northwest! Call us at 360-674-7019 or visit us online today!

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Re: Introduction to Life Proof Boats

Post by Mike Carey » Sun Nov 01, 2015 9:08 pm

Thanks for the introduction. I'm looking forward to our test drive and reporting back to the members about your boats. [thumbup]

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