Who Wants To Test My Imported LiFePO4 Batteries....

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Re: Who Wants To Test My Imported LiFePO4 Batteries....

Post by FishingFool » Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:35 pm

I just got my Dual Pro with lithium profile today. I hooked them up to the battery and it shows 100% charge and in maintenance mode....

The Dual Pro is bigger and much heavier. The power cord for plug-in is significantly shorter. I'm thinking 2' max It's also more expensive.

I since it seems the Minn Kota did fully charge the batteries, there was no point going with the Dual Pro.

I received my little 24v lightbulb today. I wired it up the batteries. I plugged 1 prong of the bulb into the positive wire terminal. I start plugging the other prong into the negative terminal and SPARK! I dropped the assembly, lol. The terminal end is a little torched. Bulb looks fine.

So yeah, In theory, this should work....Or do I need to hook up a switch to it?

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