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  • Our hardshelled friends found here.
Our hardshelled friends found here.
 #236586  by Shade
 Fri May 12, 2017 4:09 pm
I've had some of these similar issues since the opener. I've talked to a few older fisherman that know everything there is to know about fishing.... water temps need to be about 60°+ for the Crays to come out of "winter mode"/Hibernation and really get active. With so much crappy weather in 2017 and almost zero Sunny days... all the lakes are below average temps. And with the large amount of snow pack from this last winter, the cold runoff from the mountains has lasted longer than average as well. So it could be a few weeks before the Crawfishing gets good.
 #237203  by Sideburns
 Fri Jun 16, 2017 5:11 pm
So far this year I've trapped in Lake Sammamish, Bass lake, Green river, lake Wilderness and lake Sawyer. The most I've trapped this year (4 total in 3 pots) has come from the green upstream of whitney bridge. One craw was pulled from wilderness. I've trapped the Green lots of times over the last few years, from Flaming Geyser, all the way down to the soccer fields in auburn, but most of my catch was small and never more than a few in a pot (usually none or 1). I havent given up on my local stretches of the green, as Ive noticed that the exact location is extremely critical, and Ive also seen piles of crawfish claws and shells washed into slow current areas in the past.

Ive also trapped Lake Washington (several times), Soos creek, Covington Creek (caught 2), Lake Curlew, and some unnamed creeks nearby.... probably more Ive forgotten too.
Ive used lots of baits, from bacon to chicken, but my favorites so far are trout/ salmon parts and or hot dogs.

Next on my list will be Newaukum creek and the green near kanaskat palmer park. Some other possible spots I was thinking about are Lake Tapps, Lake Walker, Lake Meridian, Cedar river and maybe the White near Buckley - any input greatly appreciated...

This has been a great way to explore local waters, and a good excuse to get out and fish the same spot repeatedly (gotta get the pots!), but I've worn out 3 pots now without a meal's worth of craws! On goes the hunt!
 #237348  by AndyDanger
 Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:34 am
Hi all, new to the site and to crawfish trapping. First attempt was Woods creek and the Skykomish in Monroe. Baited with cheap dog food and got nothing.. traps were completely untouched it appeared. Gonna try the gissberg ponds, silver lake and Moses lake this week. WE WILL FIND THEM!
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