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All things related to hunting.
 #232836  by fishing magician
 Tue Dec 27, 2016 8:33 pm
Hi everyone! I'm a youth hunter (14 years old) who's new to waterfowl hunting and especially to hunting them in Skagit county. Been on 1 guided duck hunt and 1 guided Canada goose hunt but loved it and really want to get into the sport! I know there is plenty of both those in the county- I just am having a hard time locating some public (or accessible private) ground that is legal to hunt. The geese really interest me but definitely the ducks too! I have checked out the De Bays hunt unit off of Francis road and it looked decent, to me anyway, but have heard it's been kind of slow this season. I have thoroughly looked at the Waterfowl Quality Hunt Program units throughout the county on the map but have not physically checked them out. Are there any specific units in that program that have good hunting, or would you guys go somewhere else? It's a long shot, but maybe there are some private land owners that willingly give permission to hunters??? Right now i'm basically clueless on where I could hunt some birds so wanted to make a post here asking for a little help! Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks and hope to see you out there! Best of luck to everyone!