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Hunting Humor

Post by racfish » Sun Nov 23, 2014 10:06 am

An Army general retired and bought a bird-hunting estate in South Dakota. He invited a buddy to a week of pheasant shooting. The friend was in awe of the general's bird dog, Sarge. That dog could point, flush and retrieve with the very best. The friend offered to buy the dog, at any price, but the general declined, saying Sarge was the best bird dog he had ever seen and he wouldn't part with him at any price.

A year later, when the same friend returned for another hunt, he was surprised to find the general had a new dog.

"What happened to ol' Sarge?" he asked.

The general grumbled, "I had to shoot him. A friend went hunting with me and couldn't remember Sarge's name, so he kept calling him 'Colonel.' And after that, all he'd do was sit on his a$s and bark!"

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