August Bass Fishing Lake Pardee Deep Water Big Fish GO PRO

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August Bass Fishing Lake Pardee Deep Water Big Fish GO PRO

Post by eastbayanglers » Sun Aug 21, 2016 8:20 pm

caught lots of fish, got some good fish, also lost a biggen....
well i went out for a trip to lake pardee in california. This is a Great lake in General Right now the Hot Bite is Catfish Panfish & Bass. The bass are what we they are suspended for the most part if you get on the water by 7am you are going to want to focus your time in 20-25+ feet of water...hopefully you can draw a strike on a topwater bait i have done really good on poppers, as well as walk the dog style baits.....the river arm always has the best topwater action at this time of year.....if you want to fish like i did in this video i was using 5 & 6 inch plastic worms....and a jig with a trailer....caught a few on other random things....drop shot is always good, i recommend having 2 rods with different leaders already set up so 1 with a 15inch leader 1 with a 22inch leader. Once it hits 11am i go to 25-40ft feet of water for the most part unless i see a good laydown or lots of structure.
Hope this helps someone catch a fish...please check out the video below. Thank You.." onclick=";return false;

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