Sonic Baitfish Article from The Mack Attack

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Mike Carey
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Sonic Baitfish Article from The Mack Attack

Post by Mike Carey » Wed Jan 01, 2014 6:30 pm

Perfect time of year, here's an article from one of our Sponsors:

Winter is here in full force. It doesn’t matter if you have snow on the ground or not; it’s cold. Colder weather means that it’s time to go ice fishing! Many lakes have already frozen over and it’s finally safe enough to walk on to the ice. The thought of ice fishing and its rewards of a stockpile of fish in the freezer; warms me up. It takes finesse, observation, presentation and patience to effectively catch fish; so let’s talk about the how to.

A good lure to use is the Mack’s Lure Sonic BaitFish™ (SBF) with a Glo® Hook added to it. The SBF lure was developed by Pete Rosko who also created the crippled herring in the early 1980’s. The versatility of this jigging spoon should be one of the “go to” items in everybody’s tackle box. Not only can it be jigged, this lure can also be trolled, cast or swam. Enticing and attracting fish is the name of the game, especially when the water gets colder and the fish become more lethargic.
sonic baitfish.jpg
sonic baitfish.jpg (39.19 KiB) Viewed 3857 times
During the winter months, fish tend to be neutral or inactive, but they still have to eat. You must determine where to put the lure to get a reaction strike from the fish. Generally, start with fishing three inches off the bottom or right above the fish. You can best determine where to fish with the use of a fish finder.

I recommend that you also try rigging the SBF with a 2 ½’ to 8” leader attaching a snap swivel to the nose of the Sonic
BaitFish™ and a Glo® hook to the tail using a meal worm or maggot as bait. The Glo® hook is an added attraction when fishing in cloudy water conditions, low light or at night. Shining a flashlight on both the SBF and hook will allow a glow for approximately a half hour. Beforedropping the lure into the water, make sure that you check your presentation closely as though looking at it through the eyes of afish. Pay close attention by observing if bites happen while your lure is dropping or when being pulled up slowly. Don’t be afraid to try different jigging speeds and rigging techniques. It’s your imagination along with the versatility of the SBF and the added attraction of the Glo® hook that will help you fill that freezer.

By Bob Hickey for The Mack Attack
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Re: Sonic Baitfish Article from The Mack Attack

Post by Steelheadin360 » Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:57 am

These things work awesome for an early season Kokanee jigs as well. Cast to the jumpers!

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Re: Sonic Baitfish Article from The Mack Attack

Post by soberg » Thu Jan 09, 2014 7:54 am

I will give this a try at Ling Coulee tomorrow. I like the glow hook idea as my buddy always uses a glo-hook. And I always use some kinda jig/spoon when Ice fishing for Perch or Walleye.

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Re: Sonic Baitfish Article from The Mack Attack

Post by ncwflounderer » Thu Jan 09, 2014 9:46 am

being from Iowa, I have a bunch of jigs similar to these called the Shucks Jigger made by my dads neighbor. They are great perch rigs!
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