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Announcements about new WL offerings, contests, problems and other related items. Fishing Clubs post your announcements here.
 #237047  by Jasper Casbeer
 Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:19 am
Hello Everyone,

Finally made it back to the Northwest, grew up here and have since traveled around until the family was finally able to settle permanently back in the area. My name is Jasper, and have hit the perfect age of 40.... oops 41. Obviously I love fishing and it easily trumps any other hobby with hunting in a short second. I am located in the Vancouver area but work as an accountant in Portland. Favorite fish to chase is Steelhead! Going to start trying for salmon, tried some up on the snake river over the years with limited luck as a plunker. Now that I have a little boat the opportunity is a bit more there. Always have fished and enjoyed trout no matter where I went using everything from bait to a fly rod. I have hooked about everything from sturgeon to pike minnow and everything in between. I do shy away from warm water fish (bass, catfish, perch...) simply because of the taste. I cant seem to get them to cook up very well no matter what I try, and I have a hard time fishing for what I do not want to eat.

Have fished since I could walk as I remember it, even take my son out and swim around for crawdads. Tasty little buggers. Now that I have a little run-a-bout will even shoot out on nice days for some crab. Going to grab another 16 to 18 footer and cut it up for a center console mod in the down times. When not fishing and doing family things, always working on fishing equipment. Do not think that trend will ever change.

Here's to wet lines and bent rods,

 #237655  by cucu4cohopuffs
 Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:41 am
Hey all,

My name's Connor. I'm 24 y.o. from San Luis Obispo, CA originally. Just moved up here to Ballard in Seattle. I play drums, occasionally play basketball, but most of all, I GO FISHING :fish:

I have been working in the computer repair field for quite a while now (about 6-7 years). This brought me up here to Seattle.

Living in CA, the rockfish and lingcod were plentiful and that was primarily what I would fish for. I was on the central coast kayak fishing website and would try to take out my kayak in the ocean once a week. Caught many many lingcod and rockfish.

I am new to freshwater fishing and have been trying to break into it and take advantage of the many beautiful lakes and rivers you guys have up here. It is amazing to me to see how many bodies of water are up here. I really want to get out and target the pink salmon and coho, but I will be targeting other fish in the off season.

I've been fishing since I was very young with my grandpa, but recently got back into it with a newfound enthusiasm a few years back in 2014 when I started kayak fishing.

I will be posting reports and hope to meet you all out there on the water! Tight lines!


 #239638  by grubowski
 Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:18 pm
My name is Greg I live in northern Utah and mostly fish in southeast Idaho. I've been browsing this site for the past month as my wife and I have been considering moving from Utah to Washington. Well, my wife accepted a job in Montesano, and I'm looking for work at one of the hospitals in Olympia. I'm excited to get away from the desert and live in the forest and close to the ocean. I grew up in Connecticut, so that's something I've missed, though I'm looking forward to milder winters too. Anyway, we'll be moving to the area around the first of February.

Bass fishing is my favorite kind of fishing, though I fly fish for trout too, and panfish can be fun and of course tasty. I'm eager to try my hand at salmon and steelhead and also plan on making some trips out to the Westport jetty for some sea bass, surf perch and lingcod hopefully. For lake fishing I fish out of a float tube that I customized with a bunch of PVC so that I can bring 10 rods out with me along with a fish finder. I'm especially interested in finding all the lakes in the area with no gas motor/low speed limit regs.

In addition to fishing, I enjoy hiking, photography and making music. I started playing classical guitar around 30 years ago (I'm 38 now) and now I play all kinds of guitar, bass, some piano/keyboard, mandolin, banjo and pretty much anything I can get my hands on.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to exploring the area. It really sounds like there are a lot of places to try and that there are some big bass. Here is the best one I've managed to catch in southeast Idaho.


I also enjoy making fishing tackle too. I tie my own flies, make my own plastics, and also play with lead, making jigs, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and the like.

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 #239640  by Amx
 Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:41 am
Welcome to Wa. when you get here.
 #239643  by grubowski
 Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:45 pm
Thanks for fixing that. I went in and corrected my original post. I need to find a new photo hosting site. Photobucket is just riddled with annoying pop ups and the like so I clicked the wrong thing in my haste to get off that annoying site :)
 #239645  by Amx
 Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:12 pm
Ya, now my link isn't working either. But it is a good looking large fish. I'm glad I never went with photobucket. All my pictures are on my computer.
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