How to use the SEARCH FEATURE on the website

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How to use the SEARCH FEATURE on the website

Post by Mike Carey » Tue May 28, 2019 5:25 pm

How To Search the NWFR website for reports, charts, and data.

We've gotten a few questions on how to do this and at some point I'll make a little screen capture video. But for now here is a step by step with pictures. BTW, the mobile works the same way.

The Search feature is key and is what you want. Anywhere you find it you can use it to search. We'll use lake Sammamish as an example:

From the top menu, click "Reports", then select "Lake Reports", then in the Search box to the right fill in the fields: State = Washington, County = King, Search = Sammamish. Hit "Search" and you'll get the results. You'll see two blue boxes. One is for reports, and the other is for lake Charts and Data. Chose whichever one you want to look at. Reports will generate all the reports. Charts and Data will generate maps, charts, etc.

If you chose "Reports", you'll see in this example there are 41 PAGES of fishing reports from lake Sammamish in our data base. You can now use the new Search box in the left corner to further refine your search for species, month, or member User Name.

Think of this - that's 41 pages of reports with 25 reports per page. The vast majority of this information is from members like you and me. Once you take the time to learn how to search (it isn't that hard) you'll be able to learn so much from what fellow anglers have shared that you'll be amazed. We've go well over 50,000 member posted fishing reports from throughout the Pacific NW on lakes, rivers, and marine areas. It really is pretty incredible when you think about it. All choke full of detailed information freely shared to help you improve your success when you go fishing.

"Takers get the honey, Givers sing the blues".

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