Fishing reports minimum number of characters

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Fishing reports minimum number of characters

Post by jonb » Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:23 pm

I think at minimum there should be at least 25 characters in a fishing report, at least one scentence reporting on how the fishing was in order to be accepted as a fishing report. Ive seen on multiple occassions 2word or 1 word fishing reports here, and secret reports no less. That litterally just show pictures of fish with nothing to explain it or report on it. I come here for REAL reports, for the information contained within them. Posters who wont share at least some information should be discouraged. if i wanted to look at pictures of fish with no explaination id go to instagram, facebook, or google image instead.
With all that being said i enjoy this site and value its contributors, most of us post very informative excellent reports.
Please concider creating a standard that reports must meet in order to qualify to be posted. No need to share their secret whole or special dipping sauce, but it needs to say more than "lotsa fishies" as a secret location report....
Thank you for your time and concideration.
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Re: Fishing reports minimum number of characters

Post by Mike Carey » Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:48 pm

good suggestion. Ideally people share more than a couple words. That said, we also don't want to discourage posts, even if brief. I'll watch for the one word posts. I think I remember the one you may be talking about.

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