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Fernan (Kootenai County) Fishing Report
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Name: walleygator77 Date: January 07, 2017 Rating:
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Me and my son Amos made our annual Ice Fishing Trip over to Fernan Lake in Idaho, left house around 6:30am and arrived at Fernan at 7:30 saw a handful of other brave souls out on the Ice. Loaded the Ice Sled and headed out across the Lake to our spot that we have Iced Fished for the past 10yrs. Kinda tricky getting there, about half way across and out in the middle of the Lake we started breaking through a Thin layer of Ice and then into water that was on top of the next layer of Ice, didn't feel to bad so kept going. Got to the spot drilled a couple of holes and immediately it was Fish On! We used a rig that we have used for years, Swedish Pimple with a 6" dropper tied to the bottom treble hook small 1/16 ounce glow in the dark jig, baited the Swedish Pimple with 3 maggots and the jig with a perch eye after we caught the first perch, fished all day in same hole in 25 feet of water. It was one right after the other consistent action came home with 158 perch for the day not including some small throw backs, all fished that we kept were 8 to 12 inches long. It was only 3 degrees when we arrived at the Lake. Hope you enjoy the report and "Tight Lines and Keep Reelin"!

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#1 Sideburns says:
January 09, 2017 10:59 PM
Thanks for the detailed "how to" report! Sounds like an interesting perch rig. Do they usually hit the little jig or the Swedish pimple?
#2 walleygator77 says:
January 10, 2017 07:03 AM
Sideburns we caught them on both, Swedish Pimple which had a glow in the dark oval patch on it and the jig which was glow in the dark, caught most of the 11 and 12 inchers on the Swedish Pimple, This rig gives them a choice and they would only take it if it was just off the bottom, sometimes after letting the line down to the bottom and just lifting it up they already had it. "Tight Lines and Keep Reelin"
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