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Potholes (Grant County) Fishing Report
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Name: Big Wally's Guide Service Contact: (509) 770-8318
Guided fishing for Walleye on Banks Lake, Moses Lake, Potholes Reservoir and Rufus Woods. Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass on Banks Lake, Moses Lake, and Potholes Reservoir.Trophy class Triploid Trout on Rufus Woods.Rainbow Trout on Lake Roosevelt and Banks Lake. Coast Guard Certified.Washington State Fish and Wildlife Certified.
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Launched at around 8am at Lind Coulee. The water in Lind Coulee was very cloudy, so dirty I couldnt see the prop of my motor under the water. We tried trolling worm harnesses and jigging blade baits on the North shore and on the North shore of the island. No luck.
We took off over to near Goose island, or whatever its called, in the main section of Potholes. We tried jigging on some rock piles there for Smallies but had no luck, still to early for them I suspect.
We were going to try to go up Crab Creek and try our luck there but apparently all of the remaining ice has blown up to the North side of the lake there and has made access sketchy.
We fished until about 2pm.
Still had a great time, dropped my phone in the water somewhere in Lind Coulee, and got a good buzz.

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#1 snatchinglips says:
March 19, 2017 12:22 AM
Nothing bitting yet p, I hope to see more positive reports in the coming weeks before I head over from the west side of the mountains
#2 slabmaster says:
March 19, 2017 08:54 AM
Nice to know the ice is off potholes. Anybody know if the same holds true for moses and banks yet? I cant wait to start chasing eyes
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