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Name: Mike Carey Date: May 29, 2004 Rating:
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I took my ten year old son James to the late opening at Pine lake. The opening was delayed this year due to road construction. Also new for this year - the rough boat launch has been closed to trailered boats. Only hand launch boats are allowed. The change is great! The lake was a quarter as crowded as previous years. Lots of tubers out. Also, no gas motors are allowed.

The fishing was almost non-stop action from 6 to 9:30am. Rainbows averaged 10-12". I don't know if they planted any triploids. we caught our fish slow trolling Careys and black leaches on sinking lines. My son had a blast for his first time of fly fishing. He even turned around and said to me "This is fun, lets do this again."! Only bad part of the morning was at the end. As I was pulling the pontoon up on to shore he stood up - and fell out. Ouch! No smiling pictures holding up fish for James!

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