Washington Lake (King County) Fishing Report

Grandparents wanted some table fare so took the wife and kid out hunting for some crappies...waited until after dinner since it was so hot out and fished for almost an hour starting a little after 7pm. It was pretty choppy out so cut the trip short with plenty of sunlight still left. Caught a half dozen crappies and a bunch of perch and rockbass thrown in...kept the 3 bigger crappies one each at 11" 12" and my wife with a nice 13" incher. Also surprisingly hooked into two solid smallies, very carefully landing a 15+ incher (cutting board is 16") and breaking off one about ~18" after it buried itself into some weeds...I was completely overpowered on my ultralight crappie setup with 4# test, hahaha.

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goldfish crackers
8/7/2018 7:26 PM

Awesome report and pics there. Can I ask where about you were fishing?

8/9/2018 8:19 PM
along the kirkland waterfront area...
8/7/2018 9:54 PM

Great report! Love to hear about catching nice fish on Ultralight gear.....the only way that I fish. Drop shot? If so, how much weight did you use? I tend to just use a Bobber to keep the weight out of the equation but am willing to use some weight to catch fish like these....great day!

8/8/2018 1:39 AM
it was perfect conditions for drifting light crappie jigs behind the boat...just put out 25-30 feet of line and let the wind and waves provide all the action...no reeling, trolling, or even jigging necessary. the key is to find a stretch of water where the wind blows you parallel to the shore allowing you to stay in the same depth / strike zone for as long as possible before needing to fire up the motor to make another pass.
8/8/2018 6:02 AM

great looking crappie. I live in moses lake. is that lake Washington you fishing?? what boat launch do you use?

8/8/2018 2:28 PM
yup, lake washington...but i prefer the fishing at potholes in your neck of the woods. i have private water access through a friend on lake washington, but if i use public launches it's either gene coulon if i want to fish south and marina park in dt kirkland if i plan to fish the north.
8/8/2018 4:23 PM

The kids face is priceless! haha very nice crappie!

8/9/2018 7:40 AM

Excellent! Looks like someone's kid is hooked!

8/9/2018 8:12 PM
i'm trying! she's only 1 yr 9mo so doesn't have much patience and i haven't put a real hook on her rod yet, but she already knows how to push the button to release the line and reel the "fish" (rapala w/ trebles removed) back in by herself...getting her to cast is next, hahaha.