Green River (King County) Fishing Report

Went to Metzler park early afternoon. Parking lot overflowing. river fairly high and brown. lot of people fishing. I floated shrimp and jig, and I got nothing. Chum swam right past my offering. saw a few caught. saw a few snagged. but the reason I am writing this report is because I left my iPhone on the spare tire that is on the back door of my 06 CRV. (the older I get the dumber I get) So I come back after fishing and find my iPhone stuck in my driver door handle. So who ever saw my phone and put it on my door, thanks! glad someone didn't steal it. that would have been the second phone I lost.

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11/3/2018 9:24 PM

Thanks for the report. And yes, I've been in your shoes about losing a phone, it's nice to know there are honest anglers.

11/10/2018 7:59 AM

Total lucky break!! Just feel blessed someone did not take it from there,... KARMA