03 - Lower Monument Dam to Little Goose Dam Fishing Report

Spent the morning drifting bobbers with pink shrimp and yarn in various spots and depths around the mouth of the Tucannon. No action all morning except for about a 30 minute period when the sun came out and the wind went still, then it was on. Biggest fish of the day caught by my daughter in law, her first steelhead, a ~17lb. wild buck, which was safely released. Then we picked up some clipped ones for the smoker. Water temp was down to lowest we've seen it at 38*. We changed from store bought to tying our own snells with trokar hooks and have lost a lot fewer fish lately.

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2/4/2019 9:10 AM

Nice report, thanks. I have got to find my way down there some day. When you say you were drifting bobbers is that from the bank or from a boat?

2/4/2019 1:22 PM
We have found it best to anchor up the boat near the underwater breaks, or along the current seams that form, then cast and mend like normal to let the current or wind do it's thing. Once we've covered the water we move. Basically I just break the river down by observation then fish each area thoroughly. The bank anglers do get a good long drift down the snake below the confluence, but we leave that to them, and they get fish. Many people just run the bobber in the current behind the boat until they get fish. We got several while the anchored/still bobber got one matching our silver hen.