Outdoor Gear

Catchercraft Boats

Catchercraft Boats…your home for inflatable pontoon boats and self-bailing rafts designed for fishing and whitewater use. Here you will find enthusiastic sport anglers with a passion for designing and welding fishing and whitewater frames for inflatable rafts and pontoons. We take pride in being honest and providing you with a high quality product that will be serviceable for years, perhaps decades.

Life Proof Boats

Life Proof Boats are built for anything life can throw at you. Our boats incorporate the newest technologies that IMS (Inventech Marine Solutions, our parent company) has spent the last year developing. Choosing from our base models and available variants, any boater can be matched with a Life Proof Boat that suits their needs. You will find a boat that offers unmatched quality and safety. All of our boats are built with buoyancy collars for stability & redundant flotation, self-bailing decks, shock mitigated technologies, commercial built construction, and commercial grade materials. These characteristics make our boats stand out from the competition. Our boats can handle whatever life can throw at you.

Precision Propeller LLC

Having a prop on your boat in good condition and fitted correctly can make or break your next boat trip. Your boat needs a propeller that is in good condition and correctly fitted, so during your next boating excursion, you can concentrate on the memories and the fish. At Precision Propeller, we specialize in repairing and selling boat props so you can make sure your boat is performing at its peak ability.