Banks Lake Walleye 2015

Fishing Banks Lake is always a visual feast - and the walleye aren't bad, either! We fish with Jordan Osborn of Upper Columbia Guide service as he shows us some locations and tips that get us into the biggest walleye we've ever caught!

Published on Jun, 06 2015

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Lotech Joe
6/17/2015 5:02 AM
I'm curious how the guide keeps his leaders from twisting up. How long is his leader and where does he put the swivel. Very informative video. I'll have to get back to Banks one of these days.
Marc Martyn
6/17/2015 6:42 AM
Nicely done video. It reminds me of fishing for Walleye back in South Dakota with my brother. We used essentially the same set up and it was just as productive. Jorden did a very good job and presents him as a true professional.
6/17/2015 1:40 PM
Thank you guys for your feed back! Because of the swivel on the end of the leader and I out a swivel on the bottom walker where the leader clips on. I run my leaders 3 to 3.5 ft long as well!
Mike Carey
6/17/2015 7:58 PM
Leader is around 36". Good swivels I guess. Swivel is attached to the bottom walker.
2/15/2016 2:42 PM
Use 10lb fluorocarbon line and a good quality ball chain swivel. The stiffer line and good swivel helps prevent twist. Check also for fine weeds later in the year that might clog the swivels. I usually use a sliding bottom walker so I can use the bead chain. When I used a regular bottom bouncer I changed the swivel for a better one.