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  • All about camping, maybe some fishing thrown in for good measure...
All about camping, maybe some fishing thrown in for good measure...
 #235846  by KevinS
 Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:00 am
I’ll be attending the NWFR Lake Chelan BQ meet and have some first-timer newb questions regarding camping at the State Park. I arrive on Thursday and leave Sunday. I’ll be towing my boat and camping out of my truck bed tent. I know it’s first-come-first-served regarding claiming a campsite. I’ve viewed the park’s web site and determined which campsites have access to power and water.

Claiming a campsite and keeping it:
Upon arrival, do I just go to whatever site seems unoccupied or will a park employee (gate attendant) let me know which sites are being used? After selecting a site, do I then tell the park office which site I’m using?

Because I’ll be launching/retrieving my boat each day, the campsite I am using would appear to be unoccupied at times while my rig is gone. I have orange safety cones and will leave them at my campsite to say that this spot is being used. Is this the accepted way to say, “this campsite occupied”?

Safe to leave the boat:
Is it generally safe to leave the boat at the park in case I need to drive to town to get something?

Any other advice / comments welcome. If anyone else has their own questions, please feel free to use this forum discussion to ask 'em.

Thank you, Kevin

rseas provided excellent comments in the 2016 Lake Chelan meet discussion, see page 4 of 6, regarding area weather, road conditions, ethanol-free fuel availability, rig / boat trailer parking, etc.: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=22773&start=60

Showers – read on Yelp that shower tokens are purchased from park office (3 minutes per token). No hand soap provided, so be sure to bring your own.