Concrete shop floor...any thoughts on staining rather than paint ?

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Concrete shop floor...any thoughts on staining rather than paint ?

Post by ellamella » Thu Dec 08, 2022 4:07 pm

Already discussed here many times the various possiblties of shop floor coatings, from cheap latex paint to 2 part epoxies...but I don't recall anyone ever mentioning staining.

Usually concrete staining is done to achieve earthtones and special effects for fancy homes or restaurants....but was just wondering if one did the most basic stain, just to achieve something slightly better than raw concrete might it be less labor and/or cost than a professional looking epoxy floor ?

Just from memory, but I have the impression that's what they do for the floor in Old Navy (clothing) stores.... looks slightly better than raw concrete, but nothing fancy.
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I guess part of the appeal is that since it soaks into the concrete, I would think it's less likely to be problematic in the future as far as peeling or chipping goes. FWIW, for my latest situation I'm talking only 800 sq ft with occassional pallet jack with 4,000 lbs being rolled over it. What say ye ?

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