Area 8-2 Ports Susan and Gardner Information

East of East Point Light-Camano Island Light line (described in Area 8-1) and north of the Possession Point-Shipwreck line.

Marine area 8-2 includes Port Susan, Port Gardner and southern Saratoga Passage.

Salmon, crab, and shrimp are the mainstays of the fishery here, though other species, including ling cod can be caught. Coho and pinks (in odd years) are plentiful between The Shipwreck (the boundary of Area 9) and Mukilteo (“Humpy Hollow” lies in between). The area around Hat Island, and in particular the “Racetrack” running from Hat Island to Camano Head, can also be productive for coho. Salmon fishing usually opens August 1, coinciding with the migrating coho.

Chinook fishing is a winter activity except for the Tulalip Bubble that has special regulations (be sure to read them). For blackmouth the Racetrack and the area in front of Langley can be productive.

Shrimp like the deep water. Look around Camano head and Hat Island at depths of 250-350 feet. Crab are plentiful throughout the area.

Fishing piers are available at 10th Street Park in Everett, Kayak Point, Langley, Mukilteo and Clinton.

For mainland anglers, the Everett 10th Street Park launch is by far the best. There is also a launch at Mukilteo Lighthouse Park. Be advised that they remove the dock in the winter. Island launches are available at Camano Island State Park, South Whidbey Harbor at Langley, and Possession beach (like Mukilteo, they remove the dock in the winter).

By kodacachers, Summer 2014

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