Area 2 Westport - Ocean Shores Information

From Leadbetter Point north to the Queets River, excluding Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor
Marine Area 2: WESTPORT-OCEAN SHORES- from Leadbetter Point north to the Queets River, excluding Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor.

I can think of no better place to start with in Marine Area 2 than Westport. There's a reason Westport is nicknamed the salmon fishing capitol of the world. With it's proximity to the many rivers that feed Gray's Harbor and the entire coast of Washington, this is a natural interception point for the hordes of salmon that are fattening up for their one way journey up the Washington, Oregon and Canadian rivers to spawn. Look for salmon fishing here June thru September, check current regulations for specifics. Popular salmon fishing locations are numerous. I like the buoys right outside the mouth of Grays Harbor, the broad area just south of the main Westport jetty, offshore from the windmills to the south or the casino, white bluffs or red bluffs to the north. About 10 miles off shore in 180-220' of water is also a tremendous producer at times. It's pretty special when you can watch whales breaking the surface and be catching salmon simultaneously! Generally, salmon fishing is closed Friday and Saturday, check emergency regs at WDFW website for increased opportunity announcements. The bar here can be deadly! know your boat's limitations and check the NOAA website for bar conditions and wind/wave height.

Besides salmon, Marine Area 2 has crabbing, razor clamming, ling cod, halibut, sea bass and tuna. Check current regulations for specific seasons and limits. Crab can be had just to the south of the jetty and other locations. Razor clamming is a hoot Fall, Winter and Spring when open. WDFW announces each opener shortly before the clam dig. Halibut access is somewhat limited but available, mostly to the north of Westport. Ling cod and sea bass can be fast paced when you find the hot spots, look for the rocky bottom to the north but be wary of the closed area listed in the regulations. Tuna can be had August into September, usually with quite long boat rides but some years warmer currents bring them within several miles of the beach.

All of that is well and good if you have a boat but lots of people fish off of the Jetty for lings, kelp greenling and sea bass. Surf fishing is another popular method for surf and pile perch. I've read that a bit of razor clam can entice a healthy bite!
By MarkFromSea Aug 2013

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