Sammamish Lake Information

Lake Sammamish, King County, 4,897 acres. Developed shoreline. Reached off I-90 west of Issaquah. Take exit 15 north 1/4 mile to SE 56th street then east 1/2 mile to a left turn to the State Park launch area (fee). This is the only launch on the entire lake and has 8+ lanes. It needs it due to the heavy use by recreational boaters of all types.

This lake holds a variety of fish including bass, perch, trout, and sea -run cutthroat, as well as Coho and Chinook Salmon passing through to spawn. Check regs carefully for seasons. Lake Sammamish is well known for its bass fishing. The lake gets heavy use from water skiers and jet boats so it is not a lake to go to for peace and solitude. The state park is an excellent day-use facility. Very crowded in the summer months.

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Bathymetric Map

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