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Martha (AM) Lake
Snohomish County, WA

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Martha Lake (Alderwood Manor) (59 acres): Located two miles northeast of Alderwood Manor in south Snohomish County, this Martha Lake has a public access boat ramp, with parking and toilet, on the southeast corner. Stocked rainbow trout are the main draw, but largemouth bass, yellow perch, and bullhead catfish are also available.

Martha Lake (referred to as “Martha S.”) is located just east of Interstate 5 between Lynnwood and Mill Creek. The lake is 57 acres in size and has a maximum depth of 14.6 meters. Martha Lake’s watershed is 448 acres and is largely developed. Martha Lake County Park is located on the south shore of the lake next to a state-owned public boat launch. Gas-powered boats are not permitted on the lake.
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Martha (AM) Lake Information

Snohomish County, Washington

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