Get Outdoors!

by WDFW, March 07, 2021

Get Outdoors license package!

The annual Get Outdoors license package is available now for the 2021 season. It allows you
to be ready for anything in hunting and angling this year and does it at a savings.

What you get in the Get Outdoors package:

• Freshwater license
• Saltwater license
• Shellfish & seaweed license
• Two-pole endorsement
• Puget Sound Dungeness crab endorsement
• Deer license & tag*
• Elk license & tag*
• Cougar license & tag
• Bear license & tag
• Small game license
• Migratory bird authorization**
• Migratory bird permit
• Turkey tag 1
• Turkey tag 2
• Vehicle Access Pass

Savings: You get all those licenses and endorsements for $236.18, which is a discount of
$101.12 over buying each item individually in a single transaction. If you’re in the habit of buying
licenses piecemeal in several transactions over time, your savings will actually be even greater
with the package.
Convenience: The Get Outdoors package is a one-stop shop for all your hunting and fishing
needs so you can focus on get boots on the ground for fishing, scouting, target practice, and
Adventure: With all your licenses covered, the package is a great way to try new fishing and
hunting activities in Washington that maybe you hadn’t considered before. There’s no wondering
if you have the licenses you need if a new hunting or angling opportunity comes up.
You can buy the Get Outdoors license package now at your nearest license dealer, online
at, or by calling 360-902-2464.
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Fine print from license list:
*Deer and elk tags require a weapon type selection and you can get them at the time of purchase or
**Sea duck, brant, band-tailed pigeon, snow goose, and SW Canada goose harvest report cards will
not be available until April.

Visit your local outdoor vendor and get your "Get Outdoors" package today!


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